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i cannot believe some of the rubbish coming out of the glory camp re: ffa cup final. while i don't think that it is 100% "fair" that adelaide get to host the final at home, i don't understand how the glory ever thought that they had a god given right to host it themselves. tony sage is blasting on about how we earned it... fuck off. if anything, adelaide earned it. they had to play a-league opposition in every round, while we came up against pub team that couldn't kick a ball (melbourne victory included). it's embarrassing.

the ffa have acknowledged that they made some oversights - mainly in that nobody expected glory to get through round one, so having them in the final creates a massive challenge when they are hosting it on a tuesday night - time difference and the logistics of the operation come right into play. the last thing they need is a 1am finish like our quarter final against the hype. next season they will be playing the final on a weekend, which will be better. there is nothing that can be done now about this season.

and for all the spuds that are saying they should have picked a neutral venue.. well, jesus. that would be great for the 12 melbourne people that showed up to watch a match between adelaide and perth.

Probably the best post you'll ever make. Time to hang up the boots and go out on top?