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ChacarrĂ³n MacarrĂ³n...


Was a great keeper but the guy has been pretty average for the last couple of seasons. I know you're a History fan obsessed with history but lets be honest here.

De Gea is no better than Szez... can pull off mad saves but can also be a liability.

Voorm, Hart, Krul, Al Habsi and Cech are my picks.

you realise most of those happened years ago? every keeper fucks up from time to time. he shits all over szczesney. de gea is no more of a liability than szczesney either. go back and watch poland vs greece


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This discussion is fucking ridiculous. Keepers hit their prime way after outfield players with most peaking in their early to mid 30s. You're comparing a young keeper, way ahead in terms of skill to most of them at that age, to keepers who have been there for a decade or more. Some notable exceptions such a De Gea.

Reina, really? He's like 60 years old.

reina is 29 years old