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We should have a USA dedicated thread on here.

Does anyone have any good suggestions on interesting/cool things to do and see in NY that aren't your typical tourist places ie Statue of Liberty/Times Square/Central Park etc?

We've got 8 days there in November.

Things we all ready have in mind are a Hip Hop tour through The Bronx, check out some of the good graff spots (incuding 5 points), eat a hot dog at Nathan's (Coney Island) and go to Tom's Restaurant (The Seinfeld cafe).

Looking for things like that to do, in any of the boroughs, that we may not know about.

Also, not NY related, but has anyone been to the Kennedy Space Centre and if so, is it worth doing? We've got a week in Orlando with a car and are deciding if we should give up one of the fun park days to check it out.

Walk the Highline
Have a Pastrami sandwich & matzo ball soup at Katz's deli (faux-gasm optional)
Sunday morning Harlem Gospel tour
Spend an afternoon wandering around Greenwich Village (lots of good record stores)
Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield.
That was pretty fucking ninja.