*** DO NOT use this forum to buy or sell things or post mixes ***
DO NOT use this forum to sell things.

Plain and simple.

Your thread will be deleted, and you will have points added to your warning meter. If your warning meter reaches 100% you may incur a ban.

If you meet the prerequisites you may post in the designated BUYING & SELLING forums which you can find HERE

Keep in mind that you must meet the prerequisites before posting in the BUYING & SELLING forums. You can find that information HERE

This basically means that new users cannot post in the BUYING & SELLING forums. This does not give you special exemption to post your thread elsewhere. I don't care if your cute puppy needs surgery and you need to hock off your DJM600 to pay for the vet bill, you cannot sell stuff in this forum. Use the BUYING & SELLING forum if you meet the prerequisites.