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Saturday 28th April 2012
8.00pm – 6am
£5 ADV. // £7Door

MR. FLASH (Ed Banger, London)









►MR. FLASH- Gilles Bousquet, better known by the stage name Mr. Flash is a French DJ and musician signed to Ed Banger Records.

Bousquet started producing tracks since 1999 under the name Flash Gordon. His first release, 'Le Voyage Fantastique' was released on his own label, Lust Island in 2001.After meeting Pedro Winter, then manager of Daft Punk and looking to start a new record label, Bousquet's 'Radar Rider' was to become the first release on Winter's Ed Banger Records. In addition to releasing his own music, Bousquet also works as a Hip Hop producer, working with artists including Mos Def, and has contributed remixes to other artists including Mr. OIZO and Kanye West

For those who don’t know, MR FLASH is the first artist signed on Ed Banger records in 2003,“Radar Rider” just blew Pedro's mind. Everybody was into fake Daft Punk and other shitty filtered disco at the time, major labels were spending lots of money to have their own piece of french touch cake. It was time for Mr Winter to start something new, MR FLASH came up with this beat, something grandmaster dj Shadow could have done if he was into mushrooms....

►AUTOKRATZ- London-based Electronic duo which comprises of David Cox and Russell Crank work together to produce a distinctly unique sound which boasts infectious bass hooks and insanely catchy vocals that have led to support slots for The Prodigy, La Roux and Crystal Castles to name but a few.
“The Kitsuné-approved duo deliver brutal bangers that would slip seamlessly into any Justice or Hervé DJ set.. …AutoKratz are coolly logical pop craftsmen.” NME

►MAYA VON DOLL- “I fell in love with club music,” she explains. “I was obsessed with acts like Major Lazer, Boys Noize, Bloody Beetroots and the Ed Banger sound. Hearing those mind-blowing synths and super processed beats was like discovering real music as a teenager all over again. It was the first time in years that I was genuinely excited. I became the annoying girl at parties asking the DJ to play this and that just so I could experience those tracks on the mega sound systems they were designed for. Hearing those sounds and seeing what they do to a crowd on the dancefloor was like entering a new dimension – something rock stops short of. I wanted to be part of that movement but I also wanted to bring my own skill for melody, storytelling and programming into the equation.”

Maya has locked horns with some of the biggest, most-forward thinking producers in the business – including Flood (Depeche Mode, The Killers, PJ Harvey), Dave McCracken (Roc Nation, Beyonce, Oh Land) and Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo, The Horrors, Nicola Roberts) – to help produce her debut solo album. She also brought her new found love for club-land beats to the writing sessions for Nicola Roberts - Maya penned the Girls Alouder's first hit 'Beat of My Drum' that was produced by Dimitri Tikovoi and Diplo. ''For Nicola I'd imagined a 'Pon de Floor' style song that was overlaid with Uffie-like vocals and cheerleader chants... and everyone loved it. I was happy to bring a slice of the underground to the forefront of UK pop!''

► NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT comprises of the songwriting partnership of DAVIDand YIN NEUROTIC. Together they have developed an emotional and intuitive approach to creativity. Singer Yin Neurotic iconoclastic live performances and David Neurotics uncompromising musicianship underpins and cajoles the NMM sound. Asked recently in an interview what his guitar influences were, he said:“ there are many influences,but TristanTzara, Le Tonneau de la Haine and Scooby Doo, spring to mind".....NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT has recently expanded its line-up which now includes RUMMY KESHET on bass, JEREMY LEVI on keyboard and guitar and REBEKKA WILKENS on violin and viola. NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT are based in London. The records and live performances always document the intensity of their passion for life.
Their shows are relentless spectacles which captivates and leaves you wanting more.
NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT have started recording. Their first EP " EMPIRE OF TIN " produced by Andre Winter, Robert Harder, Sebastian Lee Philipp (Noblesse Oblige) and Benn McGregor (Ulterior) will be released June 2012

►STARPUNK- - is an Electronic Band from the roots of Georgia. Formed by Alex and Lasha, two young producers with different backgrounds and influences. Having already done official remixes for NOISIA and ZOMBIE NATION, their crafted tracks his production skills are a bruising muscular injection of amphetamines and strickning with a single jab.

►PUNX SOUNDCHECK- The partnership of John Taylor and Arif Salih brings together the music that shaped them and the music that’s shaping their future, traversing disco and house, reggae and dubstep, electro and (old) rave, all the while sounding effortless and elegantly modern.

►DELOOZE- Indie-electronica sculpted with sheer craftsmanship that has picked up support from both BBC Radio One and 6 Music. Delooze are an awe inspiring collective shrouded in mystery and containing members of Florence & The Machine, Remy Zero and The Bays. Remember where you saw them first.

►NOVA- East London based live dubstep band recently signed to Birth Records will be showcasing new material from soon to be released EP. Nova fuse Punk vocals with electro and dubstep whilst still maintaining their own signature. A band on the up we are more than certain the group will explode onto the scene in no time, dont miss this!

►PHOTOMATIC- London based Marc dos Santos David brings us a dynamic twist of genres, fusing Techno, alternative rock, funk and new wave with gritty bass lines, classical melodies and rap. Being deeply rooted in Jazz, playing in several funk-rock bands Marc is also a full time composer with dance, theatre, film and installation projects
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Just incase you didnt notice, this is a forum to discuss music production.
Not a forum to spam with your bullshit club night in another country, so piss off.

Do you really think we are going to be all like "oh wow man, this guy posted in our forum so i better renew my passport and fly to a rainy cold hell hole just to go to his show"

nah, didnt think so
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
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Couldn't have said it better myself Jude.

I think the time has come to put forward ideas as to why the "Music Shop" is on the receiving end of spam from retarded or semi-retarded promoters and/or bots recently.

My 2c is that is has to do with the renaming to "music shop"/
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Not to state the obvious too much but the promoter obviously just makes an account, posts it a few places and never checks it again. Given a sane promoter wouldn't bother advertising a UK gig on a .au forum, I think they probably googled the names of the artists on the bill and this forum came up, given some of them have been mentioned here before.

Edit: Perhaps not this one specifically, but the other thread he made has names that have been mentioned on this forum. Same goes for Pointblank / Dubspot advertising, they come when mentioned via I think google alerts (notifies them when google picks up a mention of their name).

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