Suggestion - a 'Balearic' music forum! Feel the vibe ;o)
Hi all,

Righto, I think that ITM needs a 'Balearic Music' forum. Currently there isn't one place on ITM to post Balearic mixes or discuss Balearic music. There's a forum devoted to clubbing in Ibiza, but no forum for the genre of music that the white island gave birth to. A Balearic dj set can embrace all of the styles currently catered for in the 'All About The Music' forum at once, hence none of those forums is really appropriate for discussion of, or posting of Balearic.

So, I hear you ask, what exactly is Balearic? In the words of DJ Alfredo Fiorito, who spawned the genre in Ibiza, “My definition of Balearic; its a music mostly, eclectic, happy, sexy, not cheesy, that gets its roots in the origins of dance music and flourishes on the dancefloor, as a sound that makes you forget genres, or categories and you just enjoy it, listen to it, dancing and sharing it. Beat poetic, but real!“

To sum up, Balearic is an unusual genre in that it isn't a specific style of music - it's more of a 'feel' and a 'vibe'.

Given it's impact on modern electronic and dance music, it's enormously important though. It's also very much alive and well - particularly in Europe. Check out Todd Terje, Alfredo, Rob Da Bank, Jason Boardman & Moonboots etc. Given Australia's climate and lifestyle/attitude/tastes it's almost perfectly suited to a music savvy audience here.

If you're still unsure what I'm on about have a quick read of these fantastic articles (they're not really long, but very informative):

What do you think? It would be a first for an Australian forum. I bet that there would be a great response!



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