DET004 - David Hofmann - Tag Der Sonne - Detuned Recodings

//////// DET004 - David Hofmann - Tag Der Sonne - Detuned Recodings
Artist: David Hofmann
Title: Tag Der Sonne

Label: Detuned Recodings
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 7 2011

///////// Tracklist
1. Tag Der Sonne (Original Mix)
2. Uncle Robert (Original Mix)
3. Spanning (Original Mix)

///////// Release info
Detuned Recordings delivers us a new release titled “Tag Der Sonne” by David Hoffmann, the project held by the talented producers Renton and Dj Puk.
In this pack you will find three tracks infused of rich textures and refined ambients, condensed with elegance in some great pieces of the finest electronic music.

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///////// Feedbacks
Sossa (circoloco ): nic
Claude Von stroke (Dirty Bird): DL For VonStroke
Lukas Greenberg:support
Paco Osuna (Plus : downloaded thank you
Gradientetuned can't miss!!! Amazing as usual...
Anderson Noise: downloading thanks
Gabriel Le Mar: Spanning is the highlight for me here - nice one
Israel Vich (Monique Musique/Natural Rhythm): good stuff , thanx for sending
Mental X (SOG Rec / Swiss National Radio DRS VIRUS): very good
Markus Schulz (Coldharbour): Thanks so much! Nice one, we'll support.
Nick Varon: D/l Thanks !
Kres (Rhapsodic Records/Cinematique/Thirty5 Records): support!love all the tracks but the best is spanning!
Bob Morane (Seoul Community): download Tag der Sonne thx
Pretty Criminals: Tag Der Sonne is the pick of the bunch – thanks
Hippie Torrales: Interesting
Rino Cerrone: Download for Rino Cerrone !
Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS): Spanning 4me,thx
Killian's (Cobra Records): downloaded thank you!
Dr.Zoldberg: Interesting! Downloading for electrosound.tvThank you
Deep South Audio (VolcanoRadio // Pulzar FM // thanks
Todd Burns (RAdvisor): Thanks.
Kevin Shiu (Frisky radio,Powerplant music,Sex on Wax,Hype Musik.): cool tracks here!
Sander Kleinenberg (Little Mountain / This Is / Renaissance / GU / Audio Therapy): Downloading for SK
Sascha Kösch: considering for review
Tsugi: nice onetx
David Gtronic (Monique Musique): "Tag Der Sonne" For Me!
Alec Araujo: Uncle Robert. Thanks.
Luciano (Cadenza): Thanks a lot for the music! L
Alfonso Padilla: downloading Thanks.
Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records /MOS/Pacha): Very Nice, Support, all the Best
Omar Salgado: Nice… Tag Der Sonne for me. Thanks
Captain Random (Dublin Xpress Records / Red Robot Records / Gobsmacked Records ): Really wasn't sure what direction Tage Der Sonne was taking at the start but it really hooked me as it went. Quality track. Uncle Robert really picks up pace towards the end, but Spanning is a serious bit of tunage. Nice release!
Yves Eaux: Cool!
Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa / Orion / Manual / Konsequenz / Eevonext): Cool tunes
Promo Paris One: Very nice EP !(Chito P1 Reverse)
Tomi Chair : Uncle Robert is great!
George Vala (Smiley Fingers, Lovemonk): Tag for me THX
Dj Raid (Beat Yourself, Monique Musique, Natural Rhythm, Pressure, Simple): thanks for this!!
Conecta FM: Will try
Prudo / Alfa Romero (Alfa Romero Recordings): spanning for me, great.
Francesco Grant (AFU, Trapez , Resopal , Material): really nice!
Transfers (Cancun Records): Very Nice, Thanks For Sending
DJ Paul Newhouse (Redbox Records, VVM Magazine, 1 Mix Radio, Modilate FM + More!): NFM
Dave Johnson (AREA 32 RADIO): Like the first track thanks
Global Dance Session (Global Dance Session): Cool down tempo beats
Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio): Great.
James Diamond (Techno.FM): uncle robert is fun...will try the others later
Riccardo Sada: supporting
Tim Thaler: Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

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