morebass - Loop - Saturday 19th May - free as a penquin

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morebass - Loop - Saturday 19th May - free as a penquin
Morebass keeps it coming in the year of the Dragon with another line up of bass heavy shit for your ears.


A Baker's Dozen
SDF1 vs Flip3K
2 Kool Tony
Tim Mittons

German Suplex on visuals

2 Kool Tony (Heavy Crates) will be spinning his last set of low slung disco hip hop beats in Melbourne before heading back to the UK. Get on down to catch the man one last time.

Arianwen, a massive contributor from back in the day, will also be spending her last night in Melbourne dusting off some of the tunes stashed at her mum’s house with Morebass before heading back to Berlin. Expect dust free techno records.

Morebass has always brought the sounds of some awesome local producers and A Baker’s Dozen is no exception to the rule. His smooth glitch hop and dubbed out productions are second to none and deserve a place on the world stage. We are very pleased that Mark is able to join to show us what he does. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming releases and hit up his sites to have a listen and stay up to date.

Cuznmatt has been bobbing around and dodging the media for about 10 years now. The authorities almost shut him down two weeks ago in Fitzroy. They aint never gonna catch him. When last approached by Today Tonight Matt crept away real slow and jumped in the 6 four “with a diamond in the back” digging the scene with a gangster lean. He don’t slang or bang, he just smokes m@*therF….rs like it aint no thang.

With almost 20years of DJing behind him, misterjon has been enjoying a new direction under the DappaJam DJs guise, mashing together just about anything groovy. That said, any opportunity to get back to his roots of deep tech house and funky techno always gets him excited, so you can probably expect an eclectic riot of bouncy basslines and funky beats.

Tim Mittons always ups the ante. Straight out the cherry cream his man could take us anywhere. Acidic synths, 808 glitches and warped breakcore are more complete than this write up. Timmy is one of the most trippingest djs morebass have ever come across.

Sdf 1 vs Flip3K - Take SDF1s sexual Italo Disco and Flip 3Ks broken background and I’m not quite sure what to expect. These guys have taken it to the streets in the past at the Sub Bass parties and SDF1 and Flip3K kill it. These kids be cutting it up since they was fifteen.

Go to to have a listen to some of cuz’s sets and some sets from the last Morebass party. Every now and then some archived morebass sets from back in the day are gonna get sprung as well.

German Suplex – will be bringing us the rad visuals, check that shit.

LOOP 23 Meyers Place Melbourne
paddock basher

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