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Heading to Goa for 3 months (and want to get involved DJing...)

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Heading to Goa for 3 months (and want to get involved DJing...)
Hey all,

I'm heading to Goa in India for three months this summer with my girlfriend. We'll actually be staying in South Goa near Colva beach to work with a computer literacy/english language program, but 50-70 km north is Anjuna and surrounds. I've been told that Colva is actually pretty quiet and low on Western tourists (which is great so we'll be able to focus on the program during the week), but we'll be heading up north to party on weekends.

Anyway, I'm a techno/psy DJ involved in the Canberra doof scene, but I'm keen to DJ at a few parties over the three months.

How would I get involved? Is it a case of contacting organisers while I'm still in Oz with demos, or meeting people over there and building contacts? Anyone have any experience in this scene - I'd image it's pretty relaxed, but probably still has a hirarcy of 'who you know' etc...
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I cant remember the life of me what the place was called, but there was a great outdoor club I went to in Vagitor. It had a great atmosphere, stomping tunes. Colva I found to be a bit of a random place?
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