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Colour of Sound : TREE OF LIFE FESTIVAL 2012 : Australian Activation : MAY 25-27

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Colour of Sound : TREE OF LIFE FESTIVAL 2012 : Australian Activation : MAY 25-27
Colour of Sound : TREE OF LIFE FESTIVAL 2012 : Australian Activation : MAY 25-27

.....Wonderland in a Weekend - \ Colour of Sound /
25-27 May - Open-Air: Cutting Edge Future Arts & Music

<<<< Welcome to the tree of life... >>>>>

Join us 90mins from Melbourne, Australia. Set in a beautifully lush open air environment; an intimate & creative, sensual experience awaits. wonderland in a weekend.

<<<<< Create, Feel and Express >>>>>

Artifact Events, Colour of Sound Melbourne & Tree Of Life Festival Turkey together uniting to plant seeds of life in worldwide soil this year!!! on May 25th until 27th ToL comes to Melbourne activating our Australian spirit dancing indigenously within, as the tribes unite from all corners bringing lushness and vibrance and connection together! Celebrate sound design, performance, creativity and connection through high definition vision and vibes at our next Artifact feature presentation!

<<<<<< When.. >>>>>>

Open: Afternoon of Friday 25th May 2012
Close: Evening of Sunday 27th May 2012

<<<<<< Round One - Representing the Tree of Life >>>>>>>>


Dickster (Dick Trevor) has developed his incredibly fat production style by being at the cutting edge of Psy-Trance since the beginning. Part of the legendary "Green Nuns of the Revolution" who dominated the fullon scene in the mid nineties, he has constantly been productive with projects like the Green Ohm's, AMD (with Aphid Moon), Jumanji (with Eskimo) and his own solo project Dickster as well as countless classic collaborations with the likes of Simon Posford, Tristan, Lucas, James Munro, Annarchy, George Barker, Cosmosis and house remixes with the likes of Danny Howells.His energy, enthusiasm and production are up there with anyone and his psychedelic ear is untainted by the unfavorable evolutions of the genre. he’s an avid techno progressive enthusiast also with an abundance of styles and rhythms and electronic goodness.


Green Nuns of the Revolution (GNOTR) are Dick Trevor, Neil Cowley and Matt Coldrick, a psychedelic trance project. Matt Coldrick was also a session guitarist for Gabrielle, and Neil Cowley played keyboards for the Brand New Heavies. An act that started in 1994, G.N.O.T.R. are famous for their full-on entheogenic psytrance. Green Nuns of the Revolution will be ramming the oldskool vibes straight back into newer generations of music purveyors thats for sure!


Mindwave's Progressive psytrance magic was revealed in his debut album Escape from Reality in 2009, which was released at Phonokol. It was a rare and unique demonstration of superb music that opened a channel of communication that lasts till this day. A year after, in 2010, Mindwave released his 2nd album Awaken, which made an even wider path towards people across the world. Before releasing his 3rd album in 2012, Concept of Freedom, Maiko conducted a thorough field research in order to reach the highest level of connection between his mind and the crowd's mind. His report can be heard in this album, where various interpretations of Freedom can be heard, felt and danced. People across the globe have already experienced these sensations in various festivals such as O.Z.O.R.A Festival (Hungary), Vuuv Experience (Germany), Aurora (Greece), Spiritual Healing (Germany), Boom (Portugal) and many more.


HypoGeo is Nicola Grigatti from Italy (one half of Coma Sector). His debut album contains a deep industrial vibe – heavy as f*#k - but is also cerebal and hypnotic, like real trance should be. His sound clearly draws upon his EBM/Industrial roots yet fuses it with crunchy percussion, massive atmospheres, futuristic sound fx and DEEP basslines to make something truly unique...


'Symbolic' established by Ilan Shemi & Oshry Ben Simon aka DJ Osho during the middle of the year 2011. Since their first production together, they got incredible feedbacks from the dance floors all around the world and immediately the labels show their interest in working together with them. The first signings 'Crystal Clear' went on a compilation called 'Dance Computer' on 'Iboga Records', compiled by one of the world’s top Progressive Trance DJ’s / Producers, 'Ace Ventura'. Following 'Crystal Clear' was their remix for Ace Ventura & Rocky - Dr. Lupo on Echoes Records, which was number 1 on Beatport Psy-Trance Downloads Chart for several weeks, and become an anthem on dance floors around the world. Two collaboration tracks, one with Liquid Soul called 'Different Reality' and one with Sphera called 'One Step Closer' released on Iboga Records double CD compilation 'Groove Attack' compiled by Liquid Soul.


With such a long & vibrant international DJ career, DJ Osho is considers as one of the leading & most innovative DJ's coming out of Israel. Oshry Ben Simon, aka DJ Osho, was born and raised in the sunny southern city, Beer Sheva, and fell in love with electronic music in the early 90's, and has been DJ'ing since the end of 1999. For 3 years he was the resident of the 'Electro Neto' weekly line of parties at the Barcoteque (Q Club), and got to play alongside various artists and DJ's from the International Dance Music scene. He has performed in a wide variety of events, from clubs, private events to large open-air events and festivals in Israel and around the world. His long resume include demanding stages such as, Souleclipse Festival (Turkey), Rhythm of Peace Festival (Morocco), XXXperience (Brazil), Spirit Base Festival (Austria), Progressive Explosion (Mexico), Massive Trance (Mexico), Sonica Reload Festival (Italy), T.A.Z Festival (Israel), Freedom Festival (Portugal), Soul Tech Festival (Mexico), Paramount Club (China), Maxim Club (Israel), Baraka Club (Israel) and in countries, such as Germany, Greece, Denmark, Hungry, Czech Republic, and many more. In 2006 DJ Osho along with Elad Echoes heads into his next venture by forming Echoes Records, as a platform allowing him to release his vision of progressive oriented music. Echoes Records is considered, these days, as one of the top international Progressive Trance & Progressive House labels, played by pretty much all of the leading DJ's and is placed in all of the most respected charts. This platform shares the vision of creating top quality productions from all corners of the globe.

<<<<< Lineup Announcements To Date >>>>>>

+ Dick Trevor / Dickster LIVE (Nano Records) UK
+ Green Nuns of the Revolution (Flying Rhino) UK
+ HypoGeo Live (Zenon) ITALY
+ Mindwave Live (Iono) ISRAEL
+ Symbolic Live (Echoes) ISRAEL
+ DJ Osho (Echoes) ISRAEL
+ Anomyst (Artifact)
+ Tetrameth (Zenon)
+ Ben Evans (Artifact)
+ Player One (Dooflex)
+ Tilt Axis (Dooflex)
+ Woodsman (Open Recs)
+ Sun Control Species (Iboga)
+ Terrafractyl (Sundance/Up)
+ Smeagol (Foolproof)
+ Staunch
+ Imperfect Circle
+ Ish Mia (Highly Evolved)
+ Positive Thought
+ ShadowFX (Zenon)
+ Harry Blotter (Highly Evolved)
+ Pakman (Foolproof)
+ Trippy Technology LIVE
+ Azrin (Unstable)
+ Black Samurai
+ Andy Simpson
+ AudioUnit

<<<<< ....Stay tuned for Round 2 Acts on May 6th! >>>>>>

+ Lifestyle and Vitality Workshops, Yoga and Meditation
+ Yoga and Chanting with The Singing Yogini (http://www.thesingingyogini.com.au)
+ Community Barbecue and Farmers Market
+ Healing Spaces and Chill Area
+ Outdoor Cinema
+ DanceWize Victoria
+ Artistic & Creative Installations and Galleries
+ Visual Mapping and 3d Projection Arts
+ Roving Performances
+ Market Stalls & Delicious Food

....With so much more yet to be revealed, come out and dance under the tree's of life.... for the love of life and the life of love!

Join us a month forward in Izmir, Turkey from June 28th for 5 days of electrical togetherness. start the transformation and seek out more information here: http://www.electreelife.com

<<<<< Facebook Event >>>>>



<<<<<< Where >>>>>>>


The Colour of Sound vision for our events is to keep an aspect of mystery and adventure within our productions, we have taken you on boats, rooftops, hotels, basements, pubs, warehouses and so many more, even at times several spaces in unison with curated flow and quality trimmings; all encapsulated within the one simultaneous, united adventure. We chose to roll out this way so that we can properly enrich and prepare our 'soon to be tranced on' locations and spaces, keeping the vibrant energies focussed on the core and the spirit of the event. The coming together of new people amongst the gatherings of great friends and family in new spaces all over is what creates a fantastic magic in the thick of the action. Get amongst it so they say!

An easy 90min drive from Melbourne CBD
Located in Victoria, Australia
Directions Announced 1 week before launch,
General direction advised 2 weeks prior to launch

<<<<<< Ticket Rounds and Prices >>>>>>

i. Artifact Special Tickets **Pre-release**

ii. Earlybirds **ON SALE NOW Ends WEDNESDAY 18th April**
$45.00+bf **SOLD OUT**

iii. 1st Round Tickets **ON SALE NOW** Ends SATURDAY 5th May**

iv. General Admission Tickets **AVAILABLE SUNDAY 6th May until 24th May**

On the gate entry **Subject to availability, If available gate admissions are $100 per person, $90 Each for those who carpool and arrive with full cars/filled seats, give it your best where possible thank you

<<<<<<< Phone Sales >>>>>>>>

1300 GET TIX (438 849)

<<<<<<< Stores & Ticket Outlets >>>>>>>

Alley Tunes - Hawthorn - Glenferrie Station

Ministry of Style = Brunswick St - Fitzroy

Pixie Collective - High Street - Northcote

Happy High Herbs - Smith St Collingwood

Via email: crew@colourofsound.com.au

& More locations advised next week

<<<<<<< Online Sales >>>>>>>>

Click through to the Colour of Sound Website:


Moshtix booking page here:


**If its your birthday on either the 25th/26th/27th May you get in for free!!!! bring proof of date with you and show on the gate

**Important do's and dont's - will be posted on our website as well as location details closer to the event date.

As we all know, everybody around the world speaks of the year 2012 as the year where the world, as we know it, is going to end...
...well.... thats just great news!

It is not necessarily bad, because we believe that every end is, in-fact, a new beginning. A beginning of a new era, an era without any boundaries or cultural beliefs, where we all turn into real, free spirited human-beings
- connected by right - to the TREE OF LIFE.

we invite you all to plant the seeds of life on a magical ground in Victoria, Australia in anticipation and preparation for the wild and wonderful 5 day gathering in Izmir, Turkey in June later this year.

Surrounded by beautiful nature with breath-taking landscapes, we fly away together on a musical journey that will teleport us out of this world and into the next!

We have carefully selected for you some of the leading artists of all time, for music, for decoration and for visuals in order to create for ourselves the perfect transformation into Peace, Unity,and Global Respect!

More information and tickets :



<<<< Sign on for the trip of your life! >>>>

enchanted destinations our forte!

Mindwave is going to be blasting his brand new Album concept of freedom for our audience, bliss!

Media Player

Heres a wicked new video from Symbolic live from the Equinox Festival over in Mexico, check it out and familiarise yourself with the Symbolic sound if you've not heard them before,

Media Player

Symbolic will be performing LIVE at Colour of Sound Pres: TREE OF LIFE FESTIVAL Australian Launch 2012 in just over a month, very excited to hear what they are cooking up at HQ

Media Player

Artifact Events
Dec 26 - Colour of Sound Boxing Day @ Neverland
Nov 20 - Interview -BAYSIDE BEATLAB -Bluetech|KiloWatts
Artifact Events | Interview | Colour of Sound | Ben Evans: Artist | Soundcloud
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This is going to be unbelievably good - perfect preparation for my trip to Turkey!!
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Go go go - the wait is over!
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/simon-murphy 2 new mixes online now
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