VA - Mechanimal V Contineum (Mutagen Recs)
VA - Mechanimal V Contineum - The FREE MAN Remix EP (Mutagen Recs)

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This EP is the first volume of a series of digital Eps featuring Mutagen Record’s artists and friends featuring some of the hottest psychedelic artists from across the world.

This Mutagen Record’s collaboration between Mechanimal & Contineum is a thunderous demonstration of why artists from this camp are gaining worldwide recognition with their brand of deep and psychedelic beats. Initially featuring on promotional compilation last year by Revolve magazine, the track is now back for a digital release.

Since first receiving a rapturous reception it has now been given an official release with the full frontal support of two morning style legends, Tron and Ilai. Tron does the business in his unforgettable style, gritty rolling bass and glitchy lead sounds while Ilai tweaks up the mid range leaving us in a state of euphoric super charged bliss. An unbeatable pair, both contributing their electrifying harmonics to make the first Mutations Ep a double-edged dancfloor destroyer.

Adding to the pandemonium as the remix competition winner is Cylon, he brings chunky grooves and twisted acid sounds to lacing it with a deep twilight feel, completing an un-missable EP from Mutagen Records.

To hear samples @ Mutagen Soundcloud click on tracknames

CD track listing:
01. Mechanimal vs Contineum - The Free Man
02. Mechanimal vs Contineum - The Free Man (Tron Remix)
03. Mechanimal vs Contineum - The Free Man (Ilai Remix)
04. Mechanimal vs Contineum - The Free Man (Cyclon Remix)


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