[PAN006] Ivan Masa & Brothers In Progress - Pura Vida Out Now
Ivan Masa & Brothers In Progress - Pura Vida

Pura Vida (Original Mix)
Pura Vida (Anthea Remix)
Pura Vida (Daniele Kama Remix) DIGITAL BONUS
Vous Danser (Original Mix)
Vous Danser (Philipp Ort Remix)
Vous Danser (Paul Cart Remix) DIGITAL BONUS

Played and supported by Davide Squillace, DJ Sneak, Butch, Slam, Miss Jools, Sasch BBC, Terry Francis, Superflu, Tom Pooks, Enzo Siragusa, Hector, Dualton, Gel Abril, Matt Star, Aldo Cadiz, Yaya, Miguel Migs, Emerson, Wollion, Patrick Zigon, Negru, Hermanez, Alfa Romero, Rob Small, Terry Grant, Youri Donatz, Emerson, Santos, Andy Baxter, Nathan Barato, Horatio, Lilith, Dzeta n Basile, Tsugi Magazine, Differentgrooves.com and many more!!

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Vinyl Release Date: 30/05/2012
Release Date Beatport Exclusive: 11/06/2012
Release Date (all digital stores worldwide): 25/06/2012

PINS AND NEEDLES are proud to present their latest release IVAN MASA & BROTHERS IN PROGRESS entitled PURA VIDA. This production trio has been successfully releasing their music on labels such as Quanticman Records, Draft, Escapism Musique and various others. Their latest work PURA VIDA includes two original tracks PURA VIDA and VOUS DANSER. The title track PURA VIDA is a tribal influenced Deep House production with a very addictive groove. The carefully arrange percussions, african influenced vocal snippets and groovy drum beat on top of a quirky baseline clearly define the trio's passion for House music. The second track VOUS DANSER is a more laid back House version with smooth synth sounds, catchy vocal parts, a funky baseline and a deep House beat that keeps you moving all night long. Overall both tracks are truly mastered for the dance floor and they surely won't disappoint anyone who is passionate about House music.
To round up this package we have an amazing line up of remixers for each track. PURA VIDA has been reinterpreted by one of Pins and Needle's favourite producers ANTHEA, known for her very successful releases on labels such as Desolat, Cecille, Tuning Spork and many others. The second remix of PURA VIDA has been produced by upcoming Italian DJ/producer DANIELE KAMA who certainly reflects his vast experience and musical influence in his track.
For VOUS DANSER we were lucky enough to get a remix of the very talented PAUL CART who created a more upbeat peak-time version of the original. And last but not least label honcho PHILIPP ORT took the chance and finalises the package with a deep, groovy reinterpretation of the original mix.


Great release! Nice remixes in there. thx

Angelo Draetta
Great release, love all tracks but my favourites are Ort & Kama's . Cart and Vous Dances (Original Mix) are cool too. Thanks a lot!!!

Gigi Zoo Project
Good sound!

Tony Dee
Great ep!!! Full support!!!

Matt Star
Downloaded for Matt Star.

Tom Pooks
Thanks for promo!

P. Jones
Great EP! Definitely Anthea remix for me! Oh yessss.

Anthea remix for me thanks!

Alessio Collina
Already charted Anthea remix, support also Vous Danser original mix...thnx

Mariano Baile
Anthea takes the win here!!

Scott D'Souza
Supporting the Philipp Ort rmx of Vous Danser and the Pura Vida original mix! Nice release!

Nice tunes - strong EP - thanx

Rob Small
Nice Anthea remix!!

Kareem Cali
Anthea remix is dope!

Carlos Sanchez
Paul Cart remix is nice! thanks

Simone Sinatti
Anthea for me thx.

Antonio Del Prete
Nice rmx Anthea…downloaded for me!

I really like Paul and Daniele's versions, thanks!!

Ciprian Iordache
Pura Vida original and Anthea remix! Support

Marc Depulse
Anthea and Philipp Ort remixes for me! very good package, thx

Michail Manchinskij
Both Originals strong enough for me! Fat sound!

Sasch Bbc
Pura Vida is cool. Anthea remix and original thank you.

Alfa Romero
Anthea rmx is great!

Support for my sis Anthea.

Terry Grant
Loving the original mixes. Thanks guys.

Andy Baxter
Anthea kills it.

Roberto Apodaca
Anthea, Ort and Paul Cart remix are fkn sick. Will play of course.

Benoit C
Coool EP

Aldo Cadiz
Anthea rmx is very nice.

Very good! Thanks for the package. Really appreciated.

Cristian Blasco
Nice EP, full support remixes of Daniele Kama & Philipp Ort.

Andrew Technique
Daniel Kama & Anthea remix for me. tnx.

Marko Nastic
Will try it! tnx.

Ivan Masa & Brothers In Progress - Pura Vida (Anthea Remix) Is my Favo.

Alo & Ritu
Great EP!! Pura Vida (Anthea Remix) and Vous Danser are really good! Thank you.

Supported by differentgrooves.com

Luca Doobie
Vous Danser alle versions for me thnx!

Luca Albano
Anthea remix is dope.

Gel Abril
Anthea mix for me tnx!

Nathan Barato
Original is real cool Thanks.

Dzeta n Basile
Pura Vida Original Mix is our fav of the lot! Thx

Enzo Siragusa
All about the Anthea remix, great track!

Pig City
Really like the Anthea Remix...

Emill De Moreu
Nice work! will support!

Martin Bellomo
Anthea remix for me

Fat Anthea remix!

Nino Santos
Simply amazing remix from Anthea here... loving it!! Will also try the Daniele Kama one!

Youri Donatz
Cool grooves, will try...thx

Sean Danke
Great EP. Full support.

Sergio Fernandez
Pura Vida(Daniele Kama Remix) is for me!! Thanks!!

Philip Arruda
Dope EP! Philipp Ort & Paul Cart remixes are my favs. thanks.

Mike Montano
The Hypnotic dub groove of Anthea and the bouncy version of Philipp Ort are my favs here, the rest of the EP has also great details like Paul Cart's Breakdown and the bassline from both originals.

Paul Loraine
Another belter of a release from P&N.

Davide Squillace
Nice release..thanks!

Stu Bryan
Spoilt for choice, really liking all of the mixes of Vous Danser, will have to hear them loud to pick a winner. The Daniele Kama is the pick of the mixes of Pura Vida, again, i'm gonna have hear the Anthea track on a system.....Great work again cheers.

Dj Simi
Nice release! support!!

Anthea remix is really good, my fav! Thanks.

Anthea and Phillip Ort remix. thx.

Nice release. Anthea and the Originals for me please.

Anthea rmx is a bomb full support!!!!

Jesus Pablo
Pura Vida (Daniele Kama Remix) - get me to a dancefloor NOW!!!!

Anthea rmx sound great.Thanks

Ben Teufel
Phillip's Remix is the one for me!


Patrick Zigon
Vous danser mixes for me!

Q Musse
Very nice! My buddy Daniele Kama have the groove!! Thanks

Vous Danser sounds good!

Alle Borsari

Mauro Alpha
Will test Anthea Remix thanks.

Tsugi Magazine
Nice mixes tx

Sheehan & Clausen
Anthea for us!!! thx

Adriano Filippucci
Nice release thank u.

Pura Vida (Anthea Remix) is very cool! thanks.

Yo cool

Terry Francis
Anthea the one 4 me.

Anthea made it

Nicolas Masseyeff
Philipp Ort is Groovin!!! i like it!!! Anthea remix is really good too!!! will play both thx.

'Ivan Masa & Brothers In Progress - Pura Vida' is available on all major download sites worldwide such as iTunes, Beatport, BeatsDigital, Trackitdown and many more!!

'Ivan Masa & Brothers In Progress - Pura Vida' - All music Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Ivan Masa & Brothers In Progress. Remixed by Anthea, Daniele Kama, Paul Cart and Philipp Ort. All tracks mastered by Chase Buch at Harcourt Studios.

For more information about the release as well as all other inquiries contact us by email at pinsandneedlesrec@gmail.com.