MIRABILIS 034: MAKROSTORUNG 'Am anfang II ep' out now!
MIRABILIS034: Makrostorung 'Am Anfang II' EP

1. Am Anfang II
2. Kids In My Haus
3. El Black Conejo Returns

GET IT FROM BEATPORT: http://www.beatport.com/release/am-anfang-ii/927741

PREVIEW ON SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/mirabilisrecor...krostorung-am/

Mirabilis is proud to welcome on board a fine new talent from Belgium: Makrostorung!
We are delighted he signed this EP with us after participating in 2010 to Laurent Garnier's "Gnanmankoudji" remix
contest on Beatportal, where his remix was chosen among the contest finalists as an editorial pick and his release on one of the leading techno labels: Umek's 1605 Music Therapy, which was also re-released on Armada Music.
This phenomenal three tracker starts off with 'Am Anfang II'. A melodic techno affair that has a deeper edge fused to perfection with the melodic elements and the strong groove and growling bass line.
'Kids in my haus' takes the story further adding some more hypnotic synth lines and keeping the vibe on a more moody note.
"El black Conejo returns' keeps the melodic tech vibe going on with a potent bass line and swirling synth notes and warm pads that add some cinematic vibe to round up this EP.
Enjoy this musical journey!


NICK WARREN: Excellent EP will support

MISS NINE: kids in my house

ORDE MEIKLE (SLAM): will try these out thanx

BEHROUZ: i like El back Conego returns. thanks


CID INC: Very cool, especially liking Kids In My Haus!

DEEPFUNK: good stuff!!

SEZER UYSAL: Conejo is great, full support.

SUBFRACTAL: Nice grooves!

GAVYN MYTCHEL: Will support 'Kids in my Haus'

ANDERSON NOISE: Downloading thanks

OMID 16B NOURIZADEH: full support

PENA: very cool. support!

LONYA: Good ep , I will play and support , thanks

GENNARO LO FOSSE: very nice EP! Support!

ONIONZ: Kids in my Hause is super retro, vibin, i like this.

BEN CODA: Wicked, really feeling these!

SONIC UNION: What a great release! 'Kids In My Haus' is awesome!

ALDRIN: feelin' Kids In My Haus' emo vibe

MITCH ALEXANDER: great stuff, one of the best Mirabilis releases i'd say, cool melodic vibe on all the tracks here!

BRIAN CHEETHAM: Excellent productions, a lot of depth in these and it all works really well together! A real talent.

YAMIL COLUCCI: Good package, thanks!

BRENDON COLLINS (SUMMER): Very good release


D-PHRAG: Kids in my Haus is MASSIVE!!

LUCAS LEDFORD: Great release! El Black Conejo Returns is up my alley. In Plain Sight

ANDY NEWLAND: kids is coooool

JOHN JONES: Loving darkness of Kids in my hans

PLASTICLOUNGE: Mega release,kids in my house is a monster track

SERGIO MATINA: Great job!!!

ANDI DURRANT: Downloading on behalf of Andi Durrant for Capital FM

YVES EAUX: Very cool EP!

CALIN MARIAN: Thanks, will give a support on Tunnel FM

PAUL VAN DYK Downloading for PvD thank you

KIERAN KROHN (VERVE): Solid release, tight productions all round! Cheers.

WADE BENNET: gorgeous melodics here . top stuff

RETROID: Nice release, Kids In My Haus is my pick

PRAVEEN ACHARY: Loads of melodic numbers here. Pretty cool stuff!

SOULWERK: Nice melodic tracks! Thanks!

HANS TAVERA: Awesome tracks! Support!

SILINDER: nice release, thanks

TIM BENJAMIN: Exactly what i like, thanks a lot! i think i prefer El Black....

MARTIN GARCIA: Support. Thanks

KEVIN DI SERNA: nice sounds! thanks Mirabilis


NIK FERAL: great vibes on this.

MARK J: Support!

MARKUS SCHULZ: Downloading for Markus.

NOMAD IN THE DARK: Amazing tracks. Full support.

NEIL BROWNE: Really nice E.P. lovin ''El Black Conejo Returns'' in particular although Am Anfang is really strong too,
Thanks guys

MR. A: Very Sashaesque sounds, still keeping it fresh. These are for the late hours of the afterhours...very twisted

SASHA LE MONNIER: sweet ep this, some lovely interesting sounds going on! Deep Melodic, just how i like it

MATT BLACK: Really nice Ep, some lovely melodies, reminds me of the stuff James Holden used to do when he was at his

STEFAN BAUER: nice tunes! especially like kids in my haus! dark progressive just the way i like it

MANCHINI: Support. Thanks

This time around we are pointing out Makrostorung's remix for Guy Gerber 'Timing' which is a free giveaway on the artist's soundcloud page!
Enjoy & follow him!

LINK: http://soundcloud.com/makrostorung/g...-respace-remix