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Mt Kilimanjaro

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Aug '06
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Mt Kilimanjaro
Anyone made it to the summit?

Would like to head to Tanzania for a March/April climb, KLM has some cheap deals via Amsterdam.

Any ideas/tips or tour group recommendations – would be great!

Am also keen to spend a few days by the beach post-climb – anyone spent time in Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar that has some tips?

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Mar '12
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My girlfriend has made it to the summit. She recommends doing the longer route that takes you 7-8 days to reach the summit and back, rather than the 4-5 day. This is from her experience anyway. Only 3 of 8 of her group made it to the summit it was that tough, mostly due to altitude (not general fitness really, although of course that has to be up to standard as well).

She went through Zara which is a local company but they weren't entirely happy with the whole tour, however going with a local company is much better due to local knowledge, and the money is going towards a better cause with supporting local tourism.

Any other q's let me know and I can ask her


I don't go to be in the VIP area.. I don't need big breaks, a big song with a buildup and lights and smoke.. all you need is a kickdrum and a good bassline. You don't need any of that other shit. Na, I'm not going for none of those reasons.. I'm just going for the music.


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