FC@GG! Future Classic DJs at Goodgod (August 10)

We're pretty damn excited to announce we have a cosy home in Goodgod's backroom bosom.

A spot were we can throw a party that's a little darker, push the smoke button all night and tuck into a proper extended set. It's a late night affair where we'll be playing/testing the new tunes that our local and overseas friends send us with an aim of pushing right on through till the morning.

This date also happens to line up with the new compilation we're about to launch featuring specially commissioned originals and remixes from our homies Danny Daze, DJ T, Perseus, Soul Clap, Flume, Softwar, PharaoBlack Magic, Slow Hands, Tigerskin and Worst Friends!


Future Classic DJs
(Epic Long Set)

(Warm Up)

$10 on the door or via http://shop.futureclassic.com.au/