BIG APE presents CIRCUS SHOWCASE 19th September @ Villa Nightclub

Big Ape Proudly Presents...

Circus Records is the brainchild of Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, DJ Swan-E and Earl Falconer (of UB40 fame). Started in 2009 as a platform for Flux and Doctor P’s Dubstep productions, the label has grown quickly to become synonymous with top quality bass-driven music.

Circus’s mission is to throw away the conventions of the music industry and do things the way they think things should be done.
The conception of the label began in late 2008 when long-time friends Doctor P and Flux Pavilion discovered a newly emerging sound in the Dubstep scene. After producing a few tracks both guys were approached by a number of labels, but it seemed more logical to them to join forces and start a movement of their own….So, in the summer of 2009 Flux, P and Swan held a meeting of minds, and Circus was born!

It is with great pleasure BIG APE presents to you… The CIRCUS SHOWCASE featuring Record Label Boss - DOCTOR P, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase & Slum Dogz.

To make music is one thing, but to change the course of a genre is another! Doctor P is defiantly the leader of the new wave of wobbles and whomps in dubstep and goes against the normal ingredients needed. Sweet Shop set the benchmark for others to follow as this doctors surgical dissection of dub step music leaves people wanting more than just the doctors diagonsis!

Cookie goes deeper than underground and refuses to let anything stand in his way. Some of the most ear penetrating dub step has been created by this monster and has people reeling in agony as his bass lines leave spinal columns shaking! This prince of darkness has no morals when bringing his sound to the masses and will not be toning it down anytime soon.

Twisted? Warped? Disgusting? No matter how you describe the filth monger you can always guarantee one thing: This man will make you bounce until you can't stand still! One of the most entertaining DJ's within the industry and the producer of some of the most dirtiest dubstep known to man kind, Funtcase is by no means politically correct!

The creators of 'Slum & Bass', 'Slum Step' and anything else related, this trio of electronically music heavyweights come together to bring you some of the most uplifting rhythms you will ever hear to keep a dance floor jumping. In an age where moody is the cool, Slum Dogz are shining the light for the good time music. The Dogz are leading the way in the animal kingdom and biting their way to the top of the food chain.


VILLA NIGHTCLUB // 187 Stirling Street, Perth

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Full Release from Moshtix Wednesday August 8th

9pm - Late.