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Editorial-esque: Come Down Sex

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Jan '02
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Top, top post.

Ah... the simple things in life..
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Aug '02
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Originally posted by Rollar
I just wanted to bump this post cus it's January and it's a very very popular month for fucking. I mean, how many people are born in September...?!!

Dance like nobody is watching.
Fuck like there are no STDs.

thought i'd bump this thread also.

sing like no one can hear,
dance like nobody is watching,
and fuck like you're on film
Project SC - all we want to do is make you bounce.

there was a moment last nite when she sandwiched between the two finnish dwarves and the maori tribesman, i thort that dis is the woman i can spend my life with
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Apr '03
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nothing like a long licking to sooth that sore jawbreakin syndrome..............ill spend hours down drinkin femile laquer......who needs to breath when they taste so good ...all me should eat breathe and sleep.......the linguis

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