Gattisfaction - The event!! (3D Nightclub, Friday 3 August)

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Gattisfaction - The event!! (3D Nightclub, Friday 3 August)
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What? Gattisfaction - the celebration!
When? Friday 3 August 2012
Where? 3D Nightclub, Level 1, 12 McKIllop St, Melbourne CBD
How much? $18 general / $14 guestlist
Why? Because you all love Gatty!!! DUH!!!

18+ event / Happy hour 11pm-12am / 3D at CBD Nightclub, 12 McKillop St, melbourne CBD



Smash events is back at 3D Nightclub after a 13 month absence for a very special occasion. Melbourne's very own Gatty has been selected to play at the almighty Q-Base festival in Weeze, Germany in September, as well as a spot on the Green stage at Defqon 1 Australia so what better way to say congratulations than to have a party in his honour with his friends and colleagues.


From his humble beginnings as a loyal raver from the Gippsland and his first gigs in Traralgon and Ballarat, Gatty started to make his break in Melbourne at 3D, PHD and the Resistance parties. His signature techstyle sound made the crowds come flocking and his following started to flourish.

But it was around the time that Gatty dabbled into production with his first offering, "Indent", a dark and pounding affair, that people started to stand up and take notice of this unique talent. Dutch label Theracords loved the track and his second production, "Undetected", and offering him a release on the label.

The rest is history!!!

With numerous tracks and remixes on labels such as Analogue is Dead, Digitally Infected, Tidy Trax, Therabyte and Theracords, his productions have focused on the dark and techy sides of harder edged music and have set dancefloors alight in recent years. Support from legends such as Scot Project, A*S*Y*S, Busho, Thera, Stana and his life-long heroes, Thilo & Evanti have seen his productions spread to all corners of the globe and now it's time for Gatty to embark on his biggest adventure to push his sound to the European market at Q-Base 2012 (ANDDDDDDDDD Don't forget his spot on the Green stage at Australia's edition of Defqon 1 in September this year - the week after Q-Base!)

Before he goes away, we are very proud to put on this celebration of a favourite in the Melbourne scene and a good mate to so many of us!

Come and see Gatty (and his newly created alter ego, Hawman) set 3D Nightclub on fire!!

Coming along for the ride on this night of techy, sexy and pounding beats are the following stars in their own right:

The Engineer: He was one of the first Australian producers to make it huge under the duo of "Klasic and Sanders" in the early 2000's. Now in this decade, the forward thinking sounds of the Engineer will rock your world.

Chris Dynasty: Head honcho of Tranztek records, this young producer is starting to make headwaves with his releases on his own label, as well as Analogue is Dead and PHD Digital. Funky, techy, banging - whatever Chris does, it makes the punters dance!

Pred: Another young gun in the Melbourne hard dance scene, Pred's unique take on hard trance is getting a solid following both here and abroad. Releases on Infexious and Hard Kandy Records on his own and with his other project "Bangerz and Masherz", get ready for the sounds of Pred!

James Mac: All that needs to be said about James Mac is that he will provide some raging techno to get your night started in the best way possible - clothes optional during his set.

St Luke: The main man behind 3D Nightclub for many many years and one of the most respected DJs in Melbourne, it is a no-brainer that he will join us in this celebration.

Chrissie Ferrer: Featuring boundless energy and style, Chrissie delivers all her DJ performances with a smile. This time she will be bringing the "Subground" sound (a mash of electro/techno/hard-dance) to this awesome night!

DJ Practice: When Gatty and DJ Practice get together, you know it's going to be a fun, exciting and banging set full of the best in techstyle and hardstyle. This will be no exception!
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