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Picnic x Funf present Soul Clap, FunkinEven & Nick Monaco - Oxford Art Factory

To continue our trend of one-upping ourselves with stupidly big awesome shows, we’ve loaded up the dance cannon with our Funf pals from Melbourne and will be firing it all over the Oxford Art Factory floor - both of them actually - for an insane gig on Australia Day eve, January 25th.

It’ll be a triple bill bonanza, with the main room being led by summer party princes SOUL CLAP and NICK MONACO. The Boston groovers have been solidly at the forefront of the global house scene for the past five years thanks to their infectious productions and edits, monumentally fun DJ sets and Crew Love family with Wolf + Lamb. Oh, and lately they’ve been working with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, both in the studio and on stage, which is about as epic as it gets. &

In 2001 the boys received a demo from 90’s baby NICK MONACO, and were blown away by its quirkiness, innocence, and originality. Without further ado he was adopted into the Soul Clap family and reserved a spot on the mothership, Soul Clap Records.

They’re the perfect crew to soundtrack a mid-January night, and they’ll be joined by the equally perfect SLOW BLOW, DREEMS and KALI.

Meanwhile in the side room, Apron Records boss and London jammer FUNKINEVEN will be returning to Aus to lay down some masterful leftfield house for us. Whether it’s conjuring up his distinctive yet diverse solo productions, collaborating with Detroit counterpart Kyle Hall as FunkinEvil or championing music from bright young stars like Seven Davis Jr, Greg Beato and Delroy Edwards through the Apron imprint, he’s always in the business of completely slaying it.

Also commandeering the decks in the side room will be Picnic favourites BEN FESTER, ADI TOOHEY and ANDY WEBB.

Which clearly equals 10/10, 5 star, A++ maximum good times! All this could be yours for the low low early bird price of $30 - just pop over to Moshtix and pick up and a ticket to summer heaven. Doors open at 8pm.

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