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Audio wires...

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Sep '08
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Audio wires...
Do you lot think the quality of audio wires (RCA) make a big difference to sound quality? As in from the decks to mixer and mixer to amp...

Theres cheap ones and expensive ones, even gold plated ones but does it matter much?
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Jan '09
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Gold plated is only good for connections that won't be plugged/unplugged very often (like a home theatre) - for headphones it's next to useless

really crap cables WILL affect your sound, but for short lengths average cables will give you no issue, no need to spend hundreds on cables just for DJ gear
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Apr '03
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crap cables over long distance will be noticable. for the distances your talking bout you wouldnt notice the difference between an extension cord and $300 rcas
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May '04
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It depends on what you are after, changing the cabling wont be very noticeable compared to your choice of stylus, mixer, amplifier and speakers but if you have got the rest of your set up right then yes the cabling will be noticeable.

i.e. I use to have a setup for doing parties witch consisted of 2x SL1200, Ortofon NightClub, Ecler HAK320 and 2x RCF ART300a’s on this setup I could never really tell the difference between the original cables on my SL1200’s and when I upgraded the cabling.
But on my home set up 2x moded SL1200, Grado DJ200i, Bozak 10-2-DL, Crown DC300a and a couple of old KEF cabinets (beaten to death but sound great) I can defiantly tell the difference between cabling, I have even noticed a difference in speaker cables when stuffing around!!

Mind you there is a consensus in the audio community that if you assume there is going to be a improvement there will be, Psychosomatic issues, I recon about 80% of what we hear as a difference in sound quality is all in our heads! Which makes me wounder if I waste money on products that are actually no better than the product I already have, and I’m suppose to be a professional!!!!?
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