GOD019: Integer 'The Ladder EP' - FREE download...
Word up peeps!

Just letting y'all know that Golden Orb Records is back in business!

In 2012 GOR is concentrating on pushing a more eclectic mix of chill-out, electronic dub and left-field drum & bass. Compositions which afford the ability to chime with music appreciators from many backgrounds, not just die-hard drum & bass fans.

To kick things off were giving away FREE MP3 copies of the 'The Ladder' the debut EP by new kid on the block 'Integer'. With a two track single of deep experimental dnb on mighty Dutch label 'Fokuz Recordings', this artist is now refining a more eclectic half-step and dub-influenced sound, which permeates through this EP release.

The EP is available to purchase on beatport and I-tunes however, we will be giving away FREE MP3 downloads to the first 100 people on the Golden Orb Soundcloud and the first 100 on the Golden Orb Bandcamp…



GOD019 - Integer 'The Ladder EP'

1. The Ladder (operon remix)
2. The Ladder (stickleback remix)
3. The Ladder (original mix)

More FREE MP3s available on the Operon bandcamp page…


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Cheers for letting me bend all y'all's ears