ATTN PROMOTERS - Please read before posting
Here at ITM we like to think we provide the general public with some pretty good information regarding what's on around town.

An integral part of us getting the information to the punters is for you to put it in the right place. That means submitting it to the what's on section. Unless you are a contributing member to discussions in the forum, please do not post gig information. It will be locked and/or deleted. This is a community forum, not a billboard. If you are not part of that community then please don't waltz in here and look for a bit of free ad space... instead, join in and tell us your thoughts

1) DO NOT post information promoting your gigs unless you contribute actively to the forums in other ways. Use what's on.

2) If you do comply with point (1) by being an active member, then please ensure that before you post in the forums that your gig has been submitted to the whats on section, or it will be locked and/or deleted.

3) Please do not simply copy and paste your email out or generic media listing information. Keep it short. Simple. Sweet. It would be good if you made it fun too.

4) No flyers on the forum under any circumstances.

5) Don't try and make your thread titles more eye catching by putting :: -- << @@ %% |||| ***** sort of crap in it. It is inconsiderate to other forum users.

6) If you haven't read the community guidelines then do it before typing another word.

The majority of this content has been blatantly ripped off from the Perth forum (thanks Sean).
An Obnoxious Disco.

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