Tijah - 'The Eternal Wave Effect', new epp release 1 may
Electric Power Pole Records are pleased to announce our latest release and our 20th overall with Tijah - 'The Eternal Wave Effect' ep now available as digital download on numerous sites....


Brazilian artist Tijah is a welcome addition to the EPP family with an EP loaded with thumping bouncing basslines and intertwined twisted psychedelic and progressive influences in their own individual night time style. Sophisticated and atmospheric, each track is dance floor prepared and includes a collaboration with fellow Brazilian Disfunction plus an Onionbrain remix. Flowing psychedelic beats with sonic groove and attitude, The Eternal Wave Effect is a slice of Tijah at their creative best and is available as of the 1 May on numerous digital sites including Beatport.....



Tijah - 'The Eternal Wave Effect' digital ep

Track List
1. Tijah - Bellow the Dark Ways
2. Tijah - Your Song
3. Tijah - All Things Must Work for Good
4. Tijunction (Tijah v Disfunction) - Twist Brothers
5. Onionbrain - Lunatic (Tijah Remix)

Mastered by 4CN studios