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Making new people feel welcome in this forum

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Making new people feel welcome in this forum
Dear all,

ITM doesn't like spammers so much. Because spammers usually post a link to a website, there is now a limitation which means that you can't post a URL until you have been a member of ITM for 14 days.

We appreciate that this will affect a small number of genuine new users, especially in CAP where posting links is an important part of sourcing views (or kicking off new threads). So if you are a user with 14 days plus expereince and you see someone making a genuine post but being unable to post a URL, it would be greatly appreciated if you would assist them by posting the URL.

Warmest and kindest regards,

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Apr '02
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here's something I found in the IFLS feed that is mightly applicable to this forum.

by no means taking away from the community guidelines, but a good barometer for when discussion get heated. I would also add Reductio ad absurdum in there for good measure.

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