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new single from EAST POINT SOUNDS EPSS007

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Sep '07
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new single from EAST POINT SOUNDS EPSS007

EPSS007 :: One and Only | ‘that place’ (a:: Original mix b:: Re-edit c:: Kriece remix)
Oh yes, all at junkbeats HQ are excited about this one (and why wouldn’t we be?) – what better way to break the winter chill than spice it up with some acid breaks? Gracing the our most eastern point from the other side of the planet, we take a departure from the norm and start EPS onto our journey into an old school review, with the first instalment taking us straight back to the mid 90’s acid breakbeat sound that filled many a side room and many an underground club party.

For EPSS007 we introduce our musical compadre the’ One and Only’ quite literally from Russia with love, for the that place single we teamed him up with Kriece to see what the lads could conjure.
A :: Working up an original that is a DJ tool for serious players that need a bridging track to get them climbing up the walls before you drop the reedit...
B :: The re-edit is a breakbeat builder that is going to give anyone that has been on the floor for more than a decade some serious flashbacks while keeping the Nuevo clique puzzled as to this ‘new sound’...
C :: Kriece takes us into more familiar territory with his unique twist on well tested progressive, twisting the pads into well charted progressive territory for those playing the later sets, bigger rooms and festivals...

Coming next month (fingers crossed) we’ve got a very special treat for ya’ll (yeeha). Continuing our journey into the old school LowKey and Nude are bringing back the dub house disco sound of the early 90’s we nabbed their track ‘Easter’ a while back and sent it to Aussie fave Jamie Stevens to work his Melbourne magic on... Stay tuned.

with love from

.o0 dave basek 0o.
junkbeats production | electricks studio
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byron bay
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EPSS007 One and Only ‘That Place’ including Kriece remix OUT NOW!!
JKBD007 JIMI POLAR + PHIL SMART 'Frostbite' including Jimi Polar acid remix
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Oct '06
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both mixes are really solid. heavy acid styles and wicked beats

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