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Apr '09
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well i wasn't going to say anything in this thread, buuuuuut i will now.

i was at a gig on the weekend where one of the headliners appeared to have his tracks all warped. but the time he saved not worry about keeping the tracks in time he instead used to play an absolutely wicked set. he was a damn busy dj, playing 3cdj's to good effect. could he have done this and played such an awesome set if he had to beatmatch? maybe, but most likely not. this is also a dj/producer who's been in the scene for years, so for sure must be able to beatmatch, but has recognised that if he removes that component then he can add another element to his set. the crowd loves it and no one but other dj's would notice.

i think it's in a way a brave step to take, to use the technology to your advantage at the risk of getting a whole lot of shit from your peers. there's a difference between using the technology to go to the next level and just using it to be lazy while not pushing some other boundaries
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Jan '08
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so was it deekline or ctrl z?

i'm guessing mr z.


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