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Glastonbury... tips, any dance beat recommendations etc?

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Nov '03
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Glastonbury... tips, any dance beat recommendations etc?
So peeps.. anyone else going next week?

It will be my first and honestly cannot wait. Heard the weather report ain't looking that great though.

Would be keen to know who you're looking forward to seeing considering there's a thousand acts on

Any hot tips / must do's from those that have been before?
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Sep '07
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I've been to 3 of the last 4 but I'm not going this year

As far as tips go... makes sure you get in early to Shangri-La, the late night area...

It's often best to get there before the last acts on the Pyramid stage and Other stage finish because otherwise it can be an absolute bitch to get in...

Last year Shangri-La was an absolute highlight...

check it

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Arcadia Spectacular Glastonbury 2010 [OFFICIAL] - YouTube

My only other tip is don't try and see too much... you just spend heaps of time walking from stage to stage... the best thing about Glastonbury are the acts that surprise you
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Jan '08
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How'd you find it? I'm still trying to process the whole experience!

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