I Like It Like That @ The Basement, Sydney (20/06/09)
The Basement is not what it used to be. The Manager is rude and doesn't care about his customers. I%u2019ve used to go for years, both in its previous and current incarnations, but the last few years have been disappointing, and a recent night there was the last straw for me. I bought dinner & show tickets for an act that was billed as "the finest acts in the country...". It was woeful: the singers couldn't even hold a note. The web site and the printed dinner menu offers a choice of four entrees and four main courses as part of the dinner package, yet we were given no choice at all about the entree - a platter for four was the only entree offered to us and our query about other choices was ignored. Even the staff there agreed it was shocking and advised me to write to the manager. I did and he admitted that that evening was and "exercise" in "exposing less experienced performers ..."!! SO MUCH FOR "THE FINEST ACTS IN THE COUNTRY..." HE REUSED TO ANSWER ANY FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE, SO YOU CAN JUST IMAGINE WHAT SORT OF "HOSPITALITY" HE OFFERS.... GIVE IT A BIG MISS