Sonic Entity-Alterswing E.P.-Out now!(iono-music)
Artist:Sonic Entity
Title: Alterswing E.P.
Date: 29.05.2012

Whether we like it or not, change is part of evolution. Certain traits and models
of behaviour are thus preserved, mutated and adjusted to the current environmental
conditions. Perhaps one of the most ancient human remnants is dancing, and
while the rhythm to which it occurs might have changed, the essence is kept.
This piece of historical documentation will reveal the most updated version of
the soundtrack of modern ecstatic dancing, otherwise known as Alterswing.

The author of this evolutionary episode is Nikola Gasic, aka Sonic Entity, from
Belgrade, Serbia. After a decade of involvement in various positions within the
Progressive & Psychedelic Trance scene, he decided it was time to make his
own unique musical mark. Moments before his debut album Twister is released,
we get a fraction of his talent in this irresistible EP.

It is always important to present the main idea of a concept, despite the fact
that it might seem like most people are already familiar with it. Therefore,
Sonic Entity introduces his version of electronic dynamic movement, which he
terms Alterswing. This new and improved dancing method can only be applied
with his distinct sound. Even when others, such as Nerso, are trying to propose
their own Science, he is altering the meaning so it will fit into his own doctrine.
While others might be exposed to a Sub Pressure from the attention and magnitude
of such a project, Sonic Entity keeps his cool and manages to project serenity
and energetic persona.


01. Sonic Entity - Alterswing
02. Nerso - Science (Sonic Entity Remix)
03. Sonic Entity - Sub Pressure