Kinky Afro from Italy: new mixtape and dates wanted (nu disco, italo, edits)
[I have posted this for Melb and Syd too, haven't seen a common section for "want dates" sorry I'm dull maybe]

Hello Gold Coast people,

I am Valeria from Italy and I do PR for Kinky Afro DJ's, playing nu disco, nu house, italo disco and re-edits. Their mixtapes and edits have been loved by Justin Robertson, Serge Santiago, Disco Bloodbath, KidWho, etc

They are now looking for DJ dates in Brisbane and Gold Coast as they want to tour your beautiful Country during Aug - Sep - Oct
Can you help? Suggestions are welcome too, they have DJ'ed London, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Brussels and more in Europe in venues 250 - 600 capacity.

They published this mixtape yesterday followed by instant feedbacks and lots playings:
http :// snd .sc/KHuDnx (remove spaces)

Featuring: Mirror People, The Time And Space Machine, Jacques Renault, Marcello Giordani, Andrew Clarke, Nine Lives , Drop Out Orchestra, Philosophy Of Sound, Brioski, Hardway Bros, Dublin Aunts, A.N.D.Y and more.

More mixtapes and edits on their Soundcloud page

Find them on Facebook too (search for Kinky Afro)

If you have openings or any question please contact me on valeriatorrepr [at] gmail [dot] com
Thanks a lot!


PS Sorry can't post links on this, too much a newbie

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