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How to be a better dance DJ

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How to be a better dance DJ
Go here now ... and learn!!

well ... yea ... clearly not aimed at the ilk of clubbing DJ found around here, but there's more than a few points that remain valid and some quotes that are gold.

"Some fast and exhausting dances might want to be shorter than three minutes, like a fast techno polka for instance."

this approach of slowing down or speeding up recordings is debatable. I heard of a conservative dance group where some dancers protested if a tune was slower or faster than the original version they knew. They complained with, "How can I like something that I'm not accustomed to?" So if you live in a conservative area, this is your call.
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That was just weird, i didn't read it all, i'll have to get back to it later!!
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Horrible website design.

Will def's read tomorrow though

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