Fresh Produce : Fri 29 June : Ambar

Ambar loves all the fresh fruits of the bass music spectrum. The best way to do it? Offering our Fresh Produce platter – a tasting delight of the most in-season beat-gredients. Fresh Produce delivers the perfect opportunity to the dance floor diners – you get to sample the broad range of upcoming DJ talent, in one single sitting.

Benny P
Benny P First fell into an obsession with turntablism after being shown Dj Q-Berts Wave Twisters. He scored his own set of turntables and did what all hip hop experts do: obsess. After hooking up with Bezwun and DNGRFLD, he was invited to play his first gig at Break The Seal in 2011. Since then, he’s done guest spots on RTR FM's Loony Tunes, Rhythm Tripping and All City shows; securing a number of gigs including the Backyard Project Parties, Big Ape and the next coming District and Midnight nights. Expect Benny P to serve up that big beat hip hop sound with a dash of breaks, dubstep and experimental beat music, while cutting more than the government cuts funding!

There’s nothing wasteful about WasteLand. He dedicates every waking moment to honing his craft and moving into production (even his Dad loves his tunage). Over the year's his tracks/bootlegs have gained popularity by having been played by DJ's throughout Australia and abroad, also having recently having remixed Collective Sounds forthcoming single "Save the World". He’s done Southbound. Stereosonic. Supported Hardwell, Angger Dimas, and a bunch of Ministry of Sound crew. But he’s never done Ambar. ‘Til now.

They’ve been dubbed the new kids on the block but there’s nothing backstreet about these boys. Grown fresh from the South, 4by4's taste for music became apparent to the masses when they supported Doctor Werewolf on Friday the 13th. Though coming from different backgrounds of music (one drum ‘n bass and the other prog house) they've teamed up and never looked back! Smashing a main course of electro and breaks for your pallets, 4by4 are ready to show all Fresh Produce lovers why they've fallen in love with the Home of the Underground!

(Now known as KILLMODE)
The axe is on with Axon; no doubt about it. His rising production talent is so voluptuous you want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant – this is big room Electro. As Liz Lemon says, ‘I want to go to there.’ You sure will. KILLMODE!

Starting his DJing career with a love of drum ‘n bass the logical next progression was onto breaks where he developed a love for party rocking bass heavy massiveness. His love affair with Breakfest has been a massive influence in his love of rocking the party (how could it not?!). Through many a New Year’s beach party, bush doof, warehouse and house party he’s honed his ability to fill the dance floor with many a happy faced punter. He’ll be doing his level best to blow everyone's hair back.

Featuring: Benny P, WasteLand, 4by4, Axon, ElKymbo

Door Sales: $12 before midnight | $15 thereafter

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