[BWO052] Francesco Altavilla & Angelo Draetta - Keep Stronger Out Now
Francesco Altavilla & Angelo Draetta - Keep Stronger

I Won't Be There (Original Mix)
Cries (Original Mix)
Keep Stronger (Original Mix)
Keep Stronger (Philipp Ort Remix)

Played and support by Luciano, Nic Fanciulli, SiS, Paco Osuna, Slam, Terry Grant, Nicolas Duvoisin, Marco Effe, Dj Simi, Nathan Barato, Rob Small, Khaan, Randall Jones, Olderic, Raymundo Rodriguez, Philip Arruda, Tony Dee, Lewis Ryder, Different Grooves and Tsugi Magazine and many more!!

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Release Date Beatport Exclusive: 02/07/2012
Release Date (all digital stores worldwide): 16/07/2012

BLACK&WHITE ORANGE RECORDS is proud to present you their latest release from FRANCESCO ALTAVILLA & ANGELO DRAETTA entitled KEEP STRONGER. Having released their collaboration tracks already on labels such as Audio Safari and Phaze Audio, Francesco and Angelo created their own specific production style which is clearly audible on their KEEP STRONGER package. The main track on this EP I WON'T BE THERE is a tribal influenced, dark and deep Techno production with an endless groove and massive drops. The second track CRIES in the other hand has got a more peak time flavour to it with a heavy drum beat, a big sub bass and a smart percussion arrangement. The third original track KEEP STRONGER is a more deep and melodic affair with a beautiful synth line, catchy vocal snippets and tribal percussions all on top of a bulky Deep House beat. Without a doubt these three original tracks are mastered for the dance floor, usable for peak times as well as for 6am in the morning vibes!
And last but not least PHILIPP ORT created is own version of KEEP STRONGER and his remix is influenced by major summer grooves with percussive drum layers, a wobbly baseline and a catchy chord hook which will surely get the dance floors going during this years festival season.
Don't miss out on this release, it's a must-have for all the House/Techno heads out there!!


Alessio Collina
Keep stronger original is nice, thanks.

Danilo Vigorito
Really cool..thanks!!

Dj Simi
Fantastic EP!! thanks a lot"

Nice EP - thanx guys - will spin!

Tony Dee
Super EP!!!! full support.

Michail Manchinskij
Ace groove @ Philipp Ort remix!

Masahiro Suzuki
Keep Stronger (Philipp Ort Remix) is the best for me, quality deep track!

Denis Horvat
Nice one... Cries for me!

Matteo Matteini
Keep Stronger is curios, nice track! thnx.

Nicolas Duvoisin
Nice release!

Davide Squillace
DL for Davideā€¦thanks!

Luca M
Philipp Ort remix is absolutely awesome! Thanks.

Massimo Clike
Ort remix for me thanks!

Gianluca Gaffi
Really good work

Luca Albano
Nice vibes !

Very nice pack. Thanks a lot

Mieka Du Franx
Keep Stronger (original mix) romantic tech house...refined, sultry, and smooth.. all over it.

Ciprian Iordache
I wont be there and Philipp remix really rocks.


Marco Effe
Cool! Cries has a good groove! Thanks.

Randall Jones
Both mixes of Keep Stronger are hot! I will play thme tonight in Bleu in Mexico City and tomorrow at CocoMaya in Playa Del Carmen for sure.

Alo & Ritu
Bombs for the summer! I Won't Be There is our favorite! Thanks.

Mauro Alpha
Nice release! Will download and test all tracks thanks

Sean Danke
Strong release. Like all mixes.

Ben Teufel
Nice EP! I Won't Be There is the one for me!

Sami Wentz
Pure groove ! will try it out tonight, thx.

Emill De Moreu
Cool stuff, thank you!

Thanks! 10/10

Jesus Pablo
Keep Stronger (Philipp Ort Remix) for me.

Alle Borsari
Nice Tracks! All!

Benoit C
Nice EP.

Hans Tavera
Philipp Ort Remix for me!

David Herrero
Great sound!!!

Dzeta n Basile
Keep Strong work for us! Thx.

Elia perrone
Nice release thanks!

Philip Arruda
Philipp Ort Remix is sick. will chart u buddy

Andrew Technique
All the tracks are good.

Luca Doobie
Solid classy grooves

Alessandro Sensini
Nice EP! thanks.

Roberto Palmero
Thanks Guys. Nice Ep! Keep Stronger (Philipp Ort Remix) is for me.

Gareth 2Dark
Orginal mix of I wont be there is groooooovy as is the Phil remix of Keep Stronger.

Antony PL
Nice EP! Philipp Ort remix for me!! thanks!!

Q Musse
Very good ep!! Keep Stronger is awesome, i love it

Philipp Ort for me thanks!

I won't be there for me.

Alessandro Mckenzie
Thanks 4 music. Mood_Out


Ort is nice! Thanks

Daniel Derek
I wont be there for me...nice one!! thank you.

Rosario Internullo
Keep Strongher original and rmx are for me.

Aney F
Philipp's remix for me thanks will try it.

Carlo Toma
Support, I will play Keep Stronger original and Philipp remix, nice work.

Scott D'Souza
Ort mix for me!

Max Nero
NIce job from Philipp Great remix.

Lewis Ryder
I Won't Be There (Original Mix) for a bit of tribal percussive house.

Mike Montano
Philipp Ort's raw dub is the one for me thanx and keep on Phil!

Milton Channels
Solid sounds i like it. thx

Raymundo Rodriguez
I'm feeling Cries.

Paco Osuna
Downloaded thank you.

Mariano Baile

Stu Bryan (Indigo House)
Cool EP will deffo be playing Cries and the original mix of Keep Stronger. Great work again Guys!

Max D. Blas
Nice pack! Thanks

Matteo Gatti
Philipp on top here!

Sam Farsio
Philipp Ort Remix is the one for me... Groovy!

Rob Small
Very nice EP. 'I Won't Be There' Original get's my support, but again - this EP on the whole is faultless. Great stuff!!

Terry Grant
Love these, especially I Won't Be There.

Whole EP is really very cool... Dope Stuff Will play for sure all of theme .... FULL SUPPORT!!!

Good job!! Keep Stronger original for me.

Nathan Barato
Ort remix!!! Its great

Thx. 10/10

Downloading it. thanks

Luciano Buscemi
Nice release from my friends!

Giacomo Cancellieri
Support good release!

Keep Stronger (Philipp Ort Remix) for me. Nice tribal groove on "I won't be there" too.

We're Not Cool!
Really into the Philipp Ort Remix of Keep Stronger.

Nic Fanciulli
Thanks, N

Alfred S
I like Ort remix, as usual!

Adriano Filippucci
I Won't be there for me thank u.

Tsugi Magazine
Coool EP!

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'Francesco Altavilla & Angelo Draetta - Keep Stronger' - All music Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Francesco Altavilla & Angelo Draetta. Keep Stronger is remixed by Philipp Ort. All tracks mastered by Chase Buch at Harcourt Studios.

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or simply contact us by email at contact@blackwhiteorange.com.