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Brisbane wins bid for G20 summit

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yeah 1 fred nile dude
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Originally Posted by jdoodle View Post

LNP members have overwhelmingly voted to ensure the removal of “environmental propaganda” about climate change from schools.

The motion, proposed by the LNP’s Noosa State Electorate Council, calls on Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek to require Queensland schools to “remove environmental propaganda material, in particular post-normal science about ‘climate change’, from the curriculum and as adjunct material at exam time”.

The mover of the motion, LNP member Richard Pearson, railed against “those false prophets who would poison the minds of our children in our schools”.

“Few people understand that the so called science of climate change is really what can be defined as post-normal science,” he said, arguing it went beyond traditional understanding of science based on experimentation and falsifiable theories.
Another member spoke against the motion, saying he was concerned when people tried to dismiss differing opinions and he believed children to have access to all information.

The motion was nonetheless passed with overwhelming support from the LNP members at the gathering.
At last year's conference, LNP president Bruce McIver questioned the role of humans in driving climate change, arguing the climate was always changing and children were being “brainwashed” in the way climate science was taught.

They should let the G20 know they've got it all wrong when the G20 comes to visit - this from the latest G20 summit:

"71. Climate change will continue to have a significant impact on the world economy, and costs will be higher to the extent we delay additional action. We reiterate our commitment to fight climate change and welcome the outcome of the 17th Conference of the Parties to the UN climate change conferences. We are committed to the full implementation of the outcomes of Cancun and Durban and will work with Qatar as the incoming Presidency towards achieving a successful and balanced outcome at COP-18. We emphasize the need to structurally transform economies towards a climate-friendly path over the medium term. We welcome the creation of the G20 study group on climate finance, in order to consider ways to effectively mobilize resources taking into account the objectives, provisions and principles of the UNFCCC in line with the Cancun Agreement and ask to provide a progress report to Finance Ministers in November. We support the operationalization of the Green Climate Fund."

You know it's not the left that makes climate change a political issue, it is the right that makes it a political issue. And that is one of the principle reasons I detest the right - because things like this prove they are little more than ignorant pricks with delusions of grandeur.
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Originally Posted by Geezah View Post

As Tolstoy wrote of Australia:

"All Australians are alike: each capital city is Australian in its own way."

Tip of the hat to uncle Leo. He knew us better than we knew ourselves.

that's beautiful man

I never knew a hockey play could be so elegant
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Originally Posted by jdoodle View Post

LNP members have overwhelmingly voted to ensure the removal of “environmental propaganda” about climate change from schools.

jebus, what a load of crap, it's up there with the ID people trying to decide what should be taught in schools.

unless you're actually in the education field then fuck off telling people what should and shouldn't be taught.
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Originally Posted by custaro View Post

And you've had Fred Nile in your parliament for the better part of 30 years. topic please.
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