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monitoring tips

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monitoring tips
Just looking for some monitoring tips..I struggle sometimes as I cannot get a comfortable position which means I cant keep an ear on the drift of the tunes (frustrating). I have had the headphones in every position I can think of , balancing on my shoulder wrapped around my head and I have even tried just holding them, near my ear with my hand....sometimes good sometimes not so and never with any consistency...I use seinhesier HD-25's..I am now thinking about trying the way bukem does it with the in- ear phones or bud phones..I would love to hear how you do it and what headphones you use
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Do you monitor cue? As in one ear listening to cans, one ear uncovered and listening to the monitor...or both ears in you cans?

I've always been a monitor cue-er, can't stand both ears covered and mixing entirely in your headphones as you can't hear what's actually happening on the system/monitors...but others seem to do it/like it.

I've had a play around just using my standard issue Sennheiser ear buds for a mix, it's good
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