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What speakers are you using to play out?

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Nov '06
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What speakers are you using to play out?
Hi, was just wondering if anyone had any speaker recommendations for playing at friends parties (max 50ppl so not huge spaces to play in). Looking to buy some PA speakers as hired the last couple of times but it's a ball-ache to pick up, return etc. The ones I hired seemed ok, not fantastic (JBL PRX 615 15inch)

Playing mostly deep/tech-house so if anyone is playing anything similar would be all ears for what you guys are using. I would probably spend about $1000 - $1500 for a pair - hopefully that's enough for something decent
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Aug '04
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Price is right to get you some fairly OK self powered 15" PA speakers...sound is so subjective, I'd say just hit up a Store DJ/Sound and lighting place with some of your fav tracks loaded up on your phone ready to play and have a listen to what's on offer.

Plenty of options on that price range, but you'll never know which ones you personally like until you get in there and hear them
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Oct '09
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I've been using a pair of EV ZLX12P for weddings, corporate functions and the odd house party/gig.....they are reasonably priced and punch way above their weight (they've been compared to QCS K12s). Probably the best specs in their price range. Don't take my word for it. read the reviews and give them a listen. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

More Info:

thats my 2c.

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