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Apr '14
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Don't stick URLs in thread titles by Mike and the Moderators
Hard Trance, House, Dance Mix...
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Aug '05
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This will probably get locked cos you shouldn't be posting mixes in here but anyway:
Mate you need to spend way less time trying to fit in shitloads of tracks and more time beatmatching - skipped through the mix and almost every mix I heard was out of time. Also I personally think jumping around between hard trance and hard house sounds weird, better to start with one and end with the other but that's just my opinion. Also it sounds like you have master tempo on or something cos its doing that thing where every 4th beat sounds clipped...
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Sep '07
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If only there was a sticky thread at the top of this page for mixes. Then people wouldn't need to create a new thread for each one.

Edit: Just listening to the mix, where is the intro? Just straight into hard as fuck banging shit is a bit abrupt. The transition at about 5 mins is slightly rough also and 6 min is a train wreck. Not trying to be a dick, just saying. Feel free to critique/rip on my mixes.
Check it ****s.


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