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Classic rotary house mixers

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Apr '03
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Classic rotary house mixers
Dear all,

It's been a while since I've been around these parts. It seems everyone has gravitated towards digital mixers that have pretty lights, effects and sound cards. Over the years I have used a vestax PMC 25, xone 92 and currently a Vestax PMC 500 with rotary kit. This is a superb house mixer with wonderful sound quality and depth of sound.

I am looking at upgrading. So far I like the Rane 2016s with the xp upgrade that I can get for about $2200. I would love a urei 1620LE or Bozak but they are just so rare and to pair them with a quality isolator would cost a fortune. My PMC 500 is great. Do you think I will get much more out of the 2016s? The xone V6 is way out of my price range.

So....what is your favourite Classic rotary house mixer and why?

If you had to pick a rotary house mixer under $2500 what would you choose?

Eq is preferred but not essential.


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Jan '08
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Modern analogue rotary mixer, I've heard fantastic things about it and just put my order in.

if you were to up your budget you could look at the likes of a djr 400 with built in ISO (also hear Condesa will be doing something similar).
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Aug '08
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There's one going for $3,350 with a cue/master blend pot mod.

Mixing on this is a dream!
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