BOOM FESTIVAL 2016 - Portugal
Last Boom (2014) was my first, and it was easily one of the best festivals that I've been to on the planet (and I've been to a handful of different ones around the world and a lot in Australia over the last ten years).

Went with a bunch of friends and friends of friends (probably about 20 or so all up), turns out we all must have spoken so highly of it that it seems there are a shit tonne more Aussie's that I know going this year!

I'm going back for sure! Who else will be there?

Any first timers? Can give tips if needed


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Love is the key philosophy. The love of great red wine from Bordeaux or Burgundy. The love of weird and wonderful sounds – high weirdness, weird highness, the cave man to the rave man, eternal celestial musicians hanging around whistling an old tune.