buying & selling guidelines, [including WHY CAN'T I POST??!?!] read before posting.
Buying and Selling Guidelines

This is NOT the "Where do I buy/What should I buy forum", take those questions to the Music Production and Technology Forum.

To have access to create posts in the BUYING AND SELLING FORUMS you must satisy both of the following requirements:
  • You must have been a member of the site for 100 days or more
  • You must have made 50 or more posts.


Do not create your 'for sale' thread in another forum, it will be deleted and you will be directed to the Buying and Selling rules. If you persist then you may be banned.

In line with this approach you may not sell something on behalf of someone else. The thread will be deleted. If you persist you will be banned.

Why have we created these rules?
  • To help protect ITMers from dodgy sellers
  • To remove access to the forum for those people who only use it to sell (commonly scalpers or otherwise slightly shady characters).
Please do not contact the moderators with a sob story

explaining why you should have access.

These are the rules.. There are no exceptions.

Selling :
1. Try to post as much information as possible while selling, eg links to products, tickets. Make clear whether the standard accessories for the item you are selling are included.
2. Post your location, so buyers/sellers can work out post or pickup, as well as delivery costs. Postcode and suburbs as examples.
3. Update the users on what’s going on with the sale, eg. its closed, decided to pull the items out. That way, old posts don’t get posted by users asking for information for items which has been sold already.
4. If you are posting pictures, reduce the size of pictures, or at least crop them. A thread with alot of pictures of items you are selling takes a long time to load if their sizes are huge.
5. Use a descriptive heading - "Stuff for sale" doesn't help buyers know what it is you're selling.
6. If there are special conditions (post only, no pickup. Goods not available till a certain date, etc), note them in the original post.
7. If you set an instant sell price, stick to it.
8. It is very helpful to posts at least a ballpark figure on the items for sale. this is a sticking point with me… Please use a RESERVE PRICE, and try not to post ‘Make me an offer’ you will only attract people wishing to purchase at insulting prices.
9. Don't advertise if you do not own the item, and try not to let another person use your account to sell stuff, unless you are willing to take the responsibility if problem arises, if this cannot be avoided please put all the information of the seller in the post and make it blatantly obvious that who the seller is.
10. If you set a price you will accept, honour it.
11. Be upfront and honest. If a thing looks good but you haven't tested it, then say so. If you can't sell (or post) for a week, say so. Always negotiate postage methods etc before finalising. Buyers should be able to assume that anything you put up for sale is in good condition, full working order, not stolen, and available for pickup/delivery promptly unless you say otherwise.

Users/Buying :
1. DO NOT hijack another person's post. eg. "I've got [insert-item-here] too, you can have it for $xx!". If you wanna sell something, start a new thread.
2. Comments such as "I can get this item at X price". If you can get something for a better price AND you are not a BUYER, it is best to leave that out of the thread, as it is totally unnecessary and may cause misunderstanding with the seller. Also the seller might lose the potential buyer.
3. Don't bid if you can't pay.
4. The onus is on you to ensure the item works with your hardware/software/car/dog/etc, unless you ask specifically if the item is compatible.
5. Exchange details with the seller if you have the winning bid. Make sure you get suitable contact details.
6. If the seller says "Bidding starts at $x" your bid should be at or above that level set by the Seller or whatever is required to beat the current winning bid, it is considered rude not to, if the price is already above what you can afford, or well below the reserve, please don’t post, you will often come under fire for doing so.
7. Even in the case that there is no minimum bid posted you should assume that the seller wants a reasonable price. Assuming that you actually want to win the item for sale then it would make sense that you made a reasonable bid. Again, please respect the seller, if the item is worth $2,000 new, please don’t offer $200 for a 6 month old piece of equipment.
8. Please bid reasonable "bid increments", Preferably at $5, but this depends on the Item. Unreasonable bids are like $1 bid increment on a $400 value item. (As a rough guideline bids should be in increments of about 5%. That's $1 on a $20 item, $5 on a $100 item)
9. If a deal has been made, both parties should keep in contact, regularly update the status of the sale (ie package will be sent in the morning followed by a confirmation that is was actually sent)
10. As soon as you get your widget test it, and let the seller know immediately if there are any problems. If you can't test it for some reason then let them know it has arrived and whether or not it appears to be in good order.

Method of payment :
COD : Cash On Delivery, means the user will collect the items and pay for them if when they receive it at the Post Office. COD charge must be paid in addition to postage.
DD : Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is the process of depositing money into another users bank account, either at the teller or through internet banking. This may take a few days to clear, especially if the transfer is inter-bank.
Cash: cash.
Paypal systems: there are many such systems that exist, , , also many others as well. Please research these for yourself and ensure that is it legitimate. They do incur a cover charge of roughly $30-$50, but InTheMix encourages people to use legitimate services on big sales, such as turntables, mixers, speakers or large amounts of music.

scams :
If you're suspected of pulling a scam expect your posts to be deleted. Your account may also be suspended.

Legal Stuff :
The moderators, administrators and owners of InTheMix have NO PART in any sales. Keep in mind though, if you rip someone off, it is FRAUD. If you then rip someone off and send them a product that is not what was purchased, that is MAIL FRAUD. Both are very serious offences.

credit to the forums for ideas

Not Buying? Don't Post
If you aren't going to make an offer or ask a question about what is for sale, DON’T POST. I won’t tolerate people loosing sales over near sighted comments from less than experienced persons. It is the buyers responsibility to research items, weigh up the cost verses quality and make an informed judgement, not yours.

That being said, if you see anyone trying to rip people off REPORT THE POST TO A MODERATOR, or PM me directly.

Scalping does not set prices OR attempt to influence sellers on price. Scalping with the express intention of making a profit is considered immoral, poor form and extremely bad karma. While does not CONDONE scalping, we respect the rights of those wishing to sell tickets to set their own selling price. Please DO NOT ask Moderators to remove such posts - your requests will not be acknowledged or acted upon.

Additionally, members who object to scalping are welcome to make their opinions known, however, you MUST remain within the Community Guidelines when doing so to avoid having your post removed and/or your forum access suspended. Forum posters may choose to CLOSE their own threads after posting - making their message an announcement and inviting interested parties to respond via email or PM

Buyers may prefer to use dedicated Buying & Selling services such as to avoid the negative posts that Ticket Selling inevitably attracts.

Finally, a few tips on arranging the buying/selling threads.

If the product/service you are offering is limited to a particular city then put it in the thread topic. It makes it easier for everyone else browsing this forum. Of course if you're willing to ship stuff around Australia, please do so in the post. You should ALWAYS put your location in the post!!!!

[ADL] = adelaide
[BNE] = brisbane
[CAN] = canberra
[MEL] = melbourne
[PER] = perth
[SYD] = Sydney


[SYD] Vestax Mixer for sale or trade+cash
[PER] Technics refurbishing service!
[BNE] hard house records for Sale.


people who post ebay listings.
in the past we have had a number of members flogging their usless crap on ebay, and listing their sales here. due to member complaints, and the forum degrading into an advertising space, we have now made guidelines to BAN ALL EBAY LISTINGS. no if's no buts.

any problems PM me.
step on my cubes.

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