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Steve Bug (feat. Emilie Chick) - Moment Of Ease
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To celebrate his new album ‘Noir’ on Poker Flat Recordings, German veteran Steve Bug has offered up this gem for free download.

“I play all over the world on a constant basis, and always come back with different impressions,” says Bug. “Accordingly, this changes the music that I produce. I’ve had the idea to make a concept album for some time, but on the other hand, that’s not the way I work. My music expresses my moods, and of course, they are always changing. If I had worked longer on the album, I probably would have replaced even more of the dance tracks with listening tracks. I think a lot of albums in dance music are not convincing as albums – more a collection of tracks, than a coherent whole.”

Noir is out now through Poker Flat/Balance Music. Distributed through EMI.

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