Funkoars: Two fat kids and a two pasty men getting seedy on stage

Australian Hip-Hop refuses to conform time and again. There isn’t a structure for making hits, no Dicko in the boardroom yapping about marketability, just honest to goodness Hip-Hop made by those who love it. The Funkoars definitely love it, their latest release “Who’s Your Stepdaddy” is crammed to the rim with thick, ass wiggling jams laced with intricate and comedic rhymes. Brand caught up with the lads to pick their perverse brains.

B: The Funkoars is an interesting moniker, how’d it come about?

Trials: Most of our music is mega influenced by funk shit, so when it came time to label the staunch sounds we were secreting we figured we were whoring the samples out. Put some funk together with a little bit of whore from the spice weasel and you got yourself a Funkoar.

B: For those who’ve been napping on ya, who’s in the crew?

Hons: The crew consists of Sketchy Hons, Uncle Sesta and Mister Trials. We are also lucky to have accompany us Dj Reflux most of the way, who has also helped us a lot with the technical side of things.

B: Who does what?

Sesta: Myself and Trials make the beats that put the oar in the funk and we all share the responsibilities of kicking rhymes that make your girlfriend have second thoughts about the whole marriage thing. Dj Reflux gets his scratch on and had the task of doing what he does best on the release. He laid down some next level type shit to give the tracks an all round bangin feeling. Flux was also responsible for putting his lifetime dream of leaving the circus and joining society to give the album such a fresh sound from behind the mixing desk.

B: How did you all hook up?

Trials: Originally we had a larger crew of like 12 cats that had all met around the way and ranged from dudes seriously into it to drunks who liked to slur shit at girls. So sooner or later we decided to part ways with the serious heads that were actually dedicated and kept on slurring at girls that smelt pretty. The Oars were originally a side project that Sesta and I had started because we were on the same perverted level. We hooked up with Dj Reflux to help us out for the live sets, who eventually ended up recording the cuts for the album. After that we dragged Sketchy Hons, who at that point was commonly referred to simply as Hons down to our level and here we are.

B: You’re part of the certified wise family as well, how did that come

Hons: We met a lot of the Certified dudes at shows and through mutual
friends and just hung out and drank together. We were making some shit that some of the dudes were getting into and sooner or later for some reason they asked us to join the family. At one point I didn’t think I was going to make it through the initiation, stones and cold boulders hurt fragile frames.

B: Australian Hip-Hop is growing larger daily, what do you attribute this to?

Sesta: When I first started getting into the whole scene I knew it wouldn’t be long till it got much bigger than what it was. I mean you have crews like the Hilltop Hoods who are making world-class music and constantly raising the bar who are helping dudes like us by steering us in the right direction. It’s awesome to see shows like their launch in Adelaide where you had around 1800 heads rock up, that’s a milestone. It’s a sign of things to come and to be part of that was fuckin incredible. As bad as it is the media have been jumping on the hip-hop bandwagon lately, which whores the scene but also generates more interest in the general public. Overall it’s a good thing, if the spotlight is on the local scene then we can show that we do have an individual style of hip-hop to offer that’s not your American cliché top 40 bling bling toy shit whatever you wanna call it.

Trials: Plus with a lot of the scenes peers helping out by putting on workshops and all ages events its getting the kids who will be the next generation of this shit more schooled up and knowledgeable on the whole thing.

B: Who in the Australian Hip-Hop scene are you feeling, and for that matter globally?

Trials: I’m getting into a lot of shit lately, the new Hospice and Clandestien gear is on my wanted list at the moment and the After Hours crew are working on some new shit too that is sounding sick. Globally I’ve been stuck in this time zone of the 90’s and just listening to a lot of Biggie, Kool Keith, Masta Ace and G Rap.

B: What do you think the scene needs, is their anything lacking?

Sesta: There is a huge lack of clips on MTV with hoes in bikinis, cristal bottles flowing and a whole bunch of cats drinking Moet. On that note, there needs to be more raps about guns and thugs reppin their hood etcetera. But seriously, it’s only a matter of time till the country actually takes this shit seriously, and then my friend we shall live the golden age of hip-hop, where money is only used to trade sexual favors and rappers are treated like mafia capo’s.

Hons: Support!, the media needs to lift its game and pay attention to the local scene and realize there is more than the gimmicky shit that radio stations seem to enjoy flaunting.

B: What can we expect from the live Funkoars Show, I hear there were bondage mistresses at your Adelaide launch?

Trials: The live shows? Just expect two fat kids and a two pasty men getting seedy on stage and making passes at your women. We like to give the crowd an amped up, loud and slamming set every time we rock the stage which is surprising because we are the laziest fiends known to man kind. As for our launch we wanted to give people something to remember when they left the show so the After Hours boys hooked up some lovely ladies to accompany our crews on stage, there were a few incidents involving handcuffs and latex whips that must never be mentioned again due to a legal dilemma.

B: Anything else you’d like to speak on?

Sesta: Go out and buy the album who’s your step daddy on CD, with vinyl to shortly follow. We’re workin on some shit that we’ll be releasing on a twelve-inch to give a sneak peak of what’s to come on the next album, oh and by the way, death to the infidels!

Trials: Yeah buy our shit and support my substance abuse, check for my nude calendar that should be out this Christmas for all you lovely ladies and my box set of boxes neatly arranged in alphabetical and pecking order. Come to www.funkoars.com and post nude Polaroid’s of your sister! Vents Allah is the greatest!

The Funkoars will launch their new album “Who’s Your Stepdaddy?” At the Fresh Produce/ITF National October 31st@ The Hi-Fi Bar. For more information check www.hip-hop.com.au/freshproduce