Help Rainbow Chan press her (excellent) debut EP onto vinyl

As everyone knows, music on vinyl just sounds better (and even if it doesn’t, you say it does because that makes you sound like you understand what things like ‘fidelity’ are). Sydney-based electro-pop artist Rainbow Chan recently released her debut EP Long Vacation, a glorious five-track collection of pop songs wrapped in off-beat electronic production and found sounds, with touches of Björk, Architecture in Helsinki and Matthew Herbert. And as we discovered at Sydney’s OutsideIn Festival, she’s also a spectacular ball of talent when performing live.

Now you can help Chan realise her dream of having her EP pressed onto wax because, as she says herself, “Although digital is great for popping songs onto the iPod while you do your buns-of-steel workout routine, there’s something special about a physical record.” Chan has a Pozible project up to fundraise $2900 for the costs of pressing, printing and shipping the records: you can donate for as little as a dollar (and get a digital download of the first single), or straight-up buy a record for $30 – or, if you’re feeling a little fancy, you can pay a little extra and get a private Skype gig for $150, a private In Real Life gig for $500, a cameo in her next video for $1000 or a peck on the cheek for $2000. Donate here.