Inxec: Over and above the boundaries

Inxec is Nottingham, UK’s latest, and possibly only, minimal techno superstar. With three standout releases on Contexterrior in the last twelve or so months, after a shady past making Prog for Rennaisance, Inxec has rocketed from bedroom noodler to touring performer in a matter of months, and has been called a genius, a prodigy, even the future of minimal. But if you point that out to Inxec, aka Chris Sylvester (that’s his real name, not some disco pseudonym. Although it should be.), he’ll growl at you. He loves the music, but hates the whole ‘minimal’ tag. Seeing himself as a product of influences like Krautrock and Richie Hawtin, Inxec files himself firmly under ‘Techno”.

“I’m not too keen on using the word minimal, even less on phrasing it as “mnml”; so let’s just call it Techno for now”

I duly note his preference.

Regardless of what you call it, Chris does see himself as in the context of a musical movement, though, and sees the positives and negatives of where minimal errrr I mean ‘techno’ is headed at the moment.

“Its exciting times for Techno at the moment, this style of music as really taken the spot light around the world at the moment. In my opinion I feel that there’s a lot of great music being produced by some talented artist, new and established. But on the flip side I find that there’s also some real crap flooding the market and a new label starting every week swamping us with more crap. Though I think this can be said of all genres in some retrospect. Its a trend at the present, and sure enough it will slowly take a back seat; always there but just not in the lime. When this happens I think things will calm down, and lose the hype factor. In my opinion anyway.”

Chris is quick to add that he sees himself a little apart though – ie he’s not the crap that’s flooding the market (glad he cleared that up!)

“I wouldn’t call it minimal for starters, and I use Guitars on occasion. But I like dance music because of the technically side of it. I get a kick out of seeing 800 people say dancing to something I’ve had a hand in. I doubt I’ll be doing this style forever, I’m think folk music next”

He does see himself as different to everyone else making techno/minimal/crossover…. uuuh whatever it is he’s making (I’m treading carefully here). Artists like Villalobos, Luciano, even Trentemoller are using some guitars in their music now, but Chris definitely sees himself as a unique artist.

“Like everyone else really, I like to think I have a extra twang to my songs. But I’m sure most artists think that as well!!!! I’m doing things slowly; I’ll release say, two or three records a year for each label and no more than 2 labels at any given time. So I don’t end up saturating the market and boring the living daylights outta the people who enjoy my music.”

I ask whether it comes down to any specific quirks or individualities in the studio that make his music seem or feel different – he tells me about his visual preferences and having a taste for a bacon sarnie…

“Yeah it involves a goat and a sharp instrument. No no I have to routine. I’m definitely a more visual person; synaesthesia is what they call it I think?? I try and fill gaps in my loops with sounds that sorter carry into each making the groove. I get my Ideas from South American music for sure, I love the loose grooves. And the sexiness of the music. Whilst adding my own twist at the same time. A typical day for me would be to get up, have a shower then hit the studio. Whilst drinking several cups of neschinos â„¢ (nesquick and coffee) and bacon Sandwiches.”

We’re lucky to be seeing Inxec live, here in Australia: he usually djs but he’s now got his head around the live experience and is looking forward to coming out.

“I don’t really play live very often. I didn’t feel I am at a point to really wow the audience with my material, mostly because my eps so far on Contexterrior are so varied. Its hard to link them. . I didn’t initially like playing live, but I am now realising you can have a lot of fun!!! Just don’t get too carried away. I have also been pushing my DJ sets to the boundaries my equipment I really love very minute of it.”

Chris also recognises that he’s a bit of a lucky little noodler – and that he has a dedicated Australian fan base to thank for being out here in the first place. If it weren’t for a couple of enthusiastic supporters, he’d be back in Nottingham this weekend making more sandwiches. He also shows his prog socks hiding beneath those cool minimal trousers when it comes to the DJs and producers he namechecks:

“A few people in Australia wanted to get me over, but we needed more to cover the flight cost (I would have taken a boat but I get sea sick) let alone make it worth while. So we got a friend of ours over there to rustle up a few more and hey presto!!! It’s my first time in Oz but I am really really looking forward to it!!! It has a lot better weather than here for starters. I hear that the techno scene is becoming pretty hectic and that its kinda moving away from trance in some parts. Luke Chable is a pretty cool producer and people like Phil K and Ben Korbel.”

When it comes down to it, Chris is aware that he’s a lucky little noodler from Nottingham: and is making the most of his life as a producer and DJ. He’s got plans to score for Ferrari, but for now getting to Australia is good enough.

“At the moment I am really enjoying this music I’m making, I love the fact I get to travel the world and play my music to people I have never met. I would love to get into advertising by do music for say a flash car ad or something. Then film scores, but for now I’ll carry on partying around the globe.”

20th April – Minimal fuss @ Civic, Sydney

21st April – Nano at Ms Libertine, Melbourne

27th April – Venue TBC, Gold Coast w. Jay Haze

28th April – Beware The Cat at YU, Sydney

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