Love Camp 7

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Starring: Rober W. Cresse, Maria Lease, Kathy Williams, Bruce Kemp, John Alderman
Directed By: Lee Frost
Written By: Wes Bishop and Bob Cresse
Original Score By: Sam Kopetzky
First Release Year: 1969
Alternate Titles: Nazi Love Camp 7
New Production Year:  2005
Rating:  R18+ 

Made in 1969 Love Camp 7 is nothing more then an out of date porn movie that your dad probably got off too once or twice as a teenager.  Set in a deranged Nazi prisoner of war camp during World War II, Love camp tells the tale of two beautiful agents sent in to rescue a female scientist held prisoner.  When the agents are discovered, they along with the rest of their fellow female prisoners are forced to ‘service’ their guards.

With all that has happened in regards to prisoner abuse in Iraq and other such appauling displays of mans disregard for their fellow mans wellbeing, tales of imprisonment and rape, just really strike the wrong chord with me. Regardless of just how much this film was intended to be seen as fantasy, it’s not something that seems healthy to watch.

Love Camp 7 is worth only a look if one is interested in seeing a genuine porn movie from the 60’s, a time when seemingly, fantasies about raping female prisoners didn’t raise too many eyebrows.

Rating: 1/5


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