Zach fired over sex advice

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Former Big Brother housemate Zach Douglas has been fired from his hosting role on Channel 7’s The Night Cap for making inappropriate sexual jokes on air.

In the regular “Ask Zach” section on a recent show, a viewer wrote in asking for advice on why her boyfriend won’t kiss her when they’re having sex. “I think my advice to you is don’t give him head beforehand,” said Zach. “Men don’t like the idea that they’re tasting themselves… It’s quite known in gay sex that it’s a gay man’s dream [not to kiss]. You get in, you get out.”

As the other hosts of the show, including host Matthew White, newsreader Jessica Rowe and reporter Monique Wright, fumbled for something to say in return, Zach continued: “If all else fails, just bring toys to the bedroom.”

Zach has now been taken out of the panel of the new show.

A spokeswoman for Channel 7 told the Daily Telegraph today there was “no correlation between the incident” and a decision to replace Douglas on the panel. “Zach found flying between Melbourne and Sydney twice a week took its toll on him and his [corset] business, so he’ll now be our entertainment and gossip reporter. We feel it’s a better fit rather than him as a full-time panellist.”

It’s time to go… Zach.

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Spiro De Fiero

Spiro De Fiero said on the 19th Mar, 2008

Like most reality tv, big brother sucks!


donut152 said on the 19th Mar, 2008

OOOO thats frkn disgusting shit. why was it even on that night cap tho its not funny and it didnt even talk too, when ever i watched that show, its soo lame tho maybe they should axe the entire show and put a better one on to fill its place.