U2 reveals 'The Claw' stage design

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Etienne De Crecy’s cube or Godskitchen’s boombox not good enough for you? Well, U2 are about to embark on an extensive worldwide tour, and the design for the band’s “ambitious staging” has now been revealed. Bono and co. will play inside a towering structure nicknamed ‘The Claw’, with four legs and speakers mounted on each side.

According to a cover feature in the US Rolling Stone, the stage set was dreamed up by U2 ‘show director’ Willie Williams. ‘The Claw’ stands at 164 feet tall, which – crucially – is twice as high as the stage set used by that other world’s biggest band The Rolling Stones on their A Bigger Bang tour. “Theirs would fit underneath this one,” Williams bragged to the magazine. It’s unclear yet whether this is a stroke of genius or something of a sci-fi Spinal Tap, but you can’t say U2 aren’t trying.

Article photo from RollingStone.com


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gracearcasm said on the 25th Mar, 2009

Maybe they are hoping people will be too distracted by the Claw to realise how shit they sound.


djschultzy said on the 27th Mar, 2009

fuckkkk offf and die bono..... waste of space


DTrancer said on the 30th Mar, 2009

lets hope the claw comes alive and eats them up


BMoney said on the 6th Apr, 2009

Ooooh!! I'm bored of the claw!! ooooh!! Bored of the claw! ... the claw.