The inthemix guide: 10 songs not to study to

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As any good student knows, devoted study is central to university success. But between the endless parties, general laziness and the lack of motivation that the pervasive mantra “Ps make degrees” instils, studying can often be a lot tougher than it sounds. For the latest instalment in our uni guide series – and to help you get studious – we’ve counted down 10 songs not to study to. Helpful, no?

Skrillex – First of the Year

It’d be hard to compile a list of non-relaxing songs without at least one entry from Skrillex. While it’s tough to pick which Skrillex offering is the most abrasive, First of the Year (Equinox) probably leads the charge.

Flux Pavilion – Bass Canon

Similarly, while Flux Pavilion’s Bass Canon does well on a night out, it’s heavy, heavy bass isn’t exactly suited to uninterrupted thought.

Knife Party – Internet Friends

Knife Party is a double-whammy of study interruption: not only is the duo’s self-declared, epilepsy-inducing seizure music not conducive to study (or health), Internet Friends will probably only remind you to go check your Facebook. And Facebook is to study what a bullet to the head is to life.

Borgore – Nympho

Borgore’s Nympho earns it’s inclusion on this list because even at only 1 minute and 45 seconds in length, it’s so utterly terrible that there’s no way anyone could not be distracted by the moronic lyrics and rock-bottom production value.

Steve Aoki & Afrojack – No Beef

No Beef is another for the distraction category. Anything that works in the clubs probably won’t for study, especially if the accompanying video is full of liquor-drenched fun that you could be having.

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