F*ck yeah, Fluoro!: A 2007 Flashback

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Ah fashion you fickle beast, how you’ve led me to do some terrible things over the years. Under the intoxicating opiate of group think, I’ve cut my hair into one of those choppy mullet ‘dos, trawled Canberra’s malls in a denim mini-skirt paired with oversized skate shoes and handed Supré 40 hard-earned, minimum-wage dollars for a pink, sparkly, elastic spaghetti-strapped dress to wear to the school social. But while all these undeniably-horrible aesthetic decisions are, indeed, horrible, there’s one fashion event from my past that truly sets itself apart in the shame stakes: fluoro.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. In 2007, fluoro came out of nowhere (well, the 80s) and swept Australia into a neon-drenched stupor which would quickly claim the dignity of too many young Australians. Sadly, I was one of the casualties. The stand-out moment of my relationship with the fad was a fluoro-themed eighteenth I attended, without a hint of irony, smack bang in the middle of that glorious year.

The photos from that party, aside from being a source of endless-amusement for my desk-buddy JackT, are a perfectly preserved time-capsule: offensively-bright pink, yellow, orange and green attire was paired with glowsticks (around the neck, wrists and looped through giant hoop earrings) and just as unnaturally coloured Vodka Cruisers. 2007 was also the year I came of age, which goes part of the way to explaining the craze. Fluoro, for the newly-18, went hand-in-hand with all things new and exciting: Festivals! Clubbing! Brightly coloured vomit!

But fluoro attire wasn’t only donned by the fresh of face. It was everywhere. In ’07, ITM’s timmac took a look at the fad at the peak of its existence.

“Fashion, my friends, goes in cycles, and the pack ‘mentality’ can sometimes be hard to resist,” he observed. “Like the homeboy of yesteryear and the emo of yesterday, Australia is today caught up in a whole new fashion trend, and it’s hard to miss. Yes, it’s fluoro.”

And the event that encapsulated it all? Parklife 2007. “On the national Parklife festival tour recently, this trend seemingly hit its peak when it seemed as though every second punter had at least one fluoro fashion item or accessory added to their attire.”

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LifeOnMTV said on the 4th Apr, 2012

I miss fluoro.

I never wore any, but I miss others wearing it. It was fun to look at... and even point at it every now and then.


Mickstah said on the 4th Apr, 2012

"Rave%u2019s are all about standing out, getting noticed and attracting attention."

What a complete bastardisation of what Raves actually used to be about. Fuck me.


Weinertron said on the 4th Apr, 2012

^Spiral Tribe would be vomiting fluro chunks everywhere


meldavid said on the 4th Apr, 2012

Fluoro will save your life one day when crossing roads.


hatzornotahat said on the 4th Apr, 2012

at least most of them are wearing shirts, cant go to a festival these days without some bro-sweaty dude rubbing all up on you like he wants it all the time.


cowabunga said on the 4th Apr, 2012

i bet the states is looking forward to short shorts and ridiculous singlets for their 2016 summer season


walkdogz said on the 4th Apr, 2012

The craze was definitely already starting at Field Day 06, but you weren't 18 then by the sounds of it. Nor was I for a month, but I got in :D


m_xt said on the 4th Apr, 2012

^ This, by the time Daft Punk toured in Dec 07 the backlash had already begun. I remember a whole bunch of ppl with black 'Fuck Fluro' shirts...ah memories.

special ed

special ed said on the 4th Apr, 2012

i wasn't cool in the 80's. it still isn't


elryo said on the 5th Apr, 2012

i remember going to a few fluro themed parties back then. Good times.


brooke2606 said on the 5th Apr, 2012

F*ck Yes! It was good for a once/twice off in 2007 :)


polite_society said on the 5th Apr, 2012

haha.. i kind of want a fluoro 'tits' hat.


JoshNation said on the 9th Apr, 2012

and i thought the hats you see people wearing in clubs here were shit