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You’d be hard-pressed to find a reality TV show that’s been as influential as Jersey Shore. Between cementing Snooki's status as a household name, bringing back the leathery tan (slip, slop, what?) and enriching our vocabulary with acronyms and terms like DTF (down to fuck), GTL (gym, tan, laundry) and beatin’ that beat (in which a group of friends pound the dancefloor with their fists, slowly rising up into a full standing position), Jersey Shore has made one hell of a contribution to contemporary culture. Or at the very least, plastic surgeons around the world are probably digging the uptake in boob jobs.

So if you’re among the many Australian fans sitting at home, staring at MTV and wishing you could live Jersey Shore instead of just watch it, good news! Australian company Turnpike Tours has announced that it is offering organised trips to take Australians to the actual Jersey Shore for an authentic Guido/ette holiday. Those lucky enough make the journey will stay at a bona fide Shore holiday house with eleven other like-minded hard-partiers, where they'll GTL, grenade-dodge and fist-pump their way through two action packed weeks.

Turnpike Tours offers their guests, in their own words:

“14 days STRAIGHT of partying!”
“Live together in a sick summer house – ANYTHING can happen!”
“See all the famous places from the show!”
“2 weeks to go absolutely NUTS”

Because you know, getting drunk at home just isn’t the same. Naturally, as soon as inthemix found out about the tour we got straight on the phone with one of the company’s co-founders, Paul Heard, to find out more about the trips. Now for the love of God, can someone please send me on one of these things?

So, can you tell me a bit about the tours?
There are seven tours this Jersey summer, starting from May 25 going through to August 31 – the principle season on the Shore itself. The locals, the people in Manhattan, all head down to the Shore for those seventeen weeks. So the tour gives Australians going to the Shore a real live experience, like a local, for two weeks: you’ll get your flights over there, chauffeured around the key sites at Jersey Shore, all the clubs, all the parties and the beaches that the cast frequent on the show.

There’s day trips to Manhattan, down to Atlantic City, to some of the common sites the show follows around as well. The people going on the tour will be staying in a house just like the house on the show except it sleeps 12 instead of 8. But we’ve geared the house so it’s very much like the house in the show, so it very much replicates the theme of the show and the experience people probably want.

Does every morning begin with the GTL ritual?
Absolutely. Our local host will be taking the guests to the salon that’s also in Jerseylicious, giving them that experience, as well as all the different laundries and sunbed places that are on the shore – I mean, there are hundreds of these places. But all in moderation.

Is there any chance of spotting the Jersey Shore cast around? Do your tour dates coincide with their filming?
We’re currently talking to their agents about that, but we’re looking at using Kenny Santucci – “Mr. Beautiful” – for a meet and greet, so that’ll be a definite. Whether we get to run into the other cast members, we’ll find out pretty soon.

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